No unconditional love

QUESTION: Masters, on the 15 February 2012, I told her that I wanted to be away from her for 2 weeks so that I could forget about the unrequited feelings that I have for her. And then she said that she had something to tell me. However I was adamant about my decision and was not in the right frame of my mind to hear about it. Although today our friendship remains as it is, I still want to know what she had wanted to tell me that night. Was there ever a time that she felt what I had felt? Does she feel anything for me now? If so what are the feelings like? Also I would like to know why is there a strong bond/attraction between him and her and if there is a possibility for them to be together in this life? Who does she need more in her life? ~V, Singapore

ANSWER: You are a very intense, strong, egotistical person. Everything is about you, and you hesitate when others express their feelings if they are not in line with your expectations. Your intensity is such that it frightens some people, and they feel they have to move away from you or be consumed in your fire.

Your friend has strong feelings for you but doesn’t know exactly what you want from her. No one, in your current circle, can duplicate your depth of emotions. You are a vortex that sucks in those in whom you have an interest, and they are shaken by your pull and lose most of their own understanding of what life is without you.

Your friend is on a journey to discover and understand what this physical life is all about. She has taken cues from you for some time and is now reaching out in other directions to explore alternatives. She doesn’t know what she wants yet but will be crippled by life if she doesn’t investigate all possibilities.

Nothing is right or wrong and there are no definite pre-decided answers. It is impossible to make other souls do what you want them to do, unless they want to do it. Regarding your specific questions, we can only say there are too many variables for us to answer at this time.

You are seeking unconditional love, and within the confines of the duality of planet Earth, there is no such thing. If you had unconditional love, you would not worry about your friend or other associations she was pursuing. You would simply wish her well and step back and observe. She has always loved you with the intensity she is able to give in this life; it is not as intense as your love because few reach those levels.

Continue to express to her your feelings but don’t smoother her—that is what she is running away from. The choices of companion are hers to make. Pushing her for a decision will only push her away. Let time elapse for decisions to be made.