Slipping between dimensions

QUESTION: Masters, I´ve had a few experiences I am hoping you could help me enlighten. While resting the other day, I was fully conscious but unable to move entirely. It felt like a deeper meditation/trance state, than I have been before. There was a strong light and a rush of intense energy, lasting for about five seconds going through my body. It happened about 4-5 times. There was also a lot of noise, buzzing, and I could hear people talking. After this experience I have been hearing sounds in my daily life, about a week at a time. They remind me of my brain sounds, high and low pitch frequencies that changes all the time and are always there. But these sounds are deeper and do not come from my head. What was that strong rush going through my body? And what are these sounds in my head, and the ones I am hearing? ~Maria, Norway

ANSWER:  The human body is the temporary housing of your magnificent soul. The body needs to have rest and regeneration, but the soul is eternally energetic. When the body goes into periods of rest, the soul does not stick around inside—it goes visiting. It maintains a connection with its current body at all times. The body’s awareness is what the human mind perceives at the moment.

When a soul fully re-enters its body, there can be a period when the conscious awakens before sufficient soul energy has come back to allow the body to be reanimated. During this transition, the conscious awareness may be in between the physical realm of the third dimension where it is living a life and another dimension where the soul had been spending time while the body slept or meditated.

Occasionally, there is not a complete closing of the dimensions when the conscious mind becomes aware of “another place.” When that happens, the ability to hear other souls in that place remains even after a complete reintegration of body and soul. You are bridging the gap between the physical dimension of your body and the places your soul visits.

You have complete control over your participation. If you feel uncomfortable in this dual existence, send the message to the universe to shut it down. If you wish to understand and participate more fully, ask for the assistance of your guides. When you go into a rest phase, do so with your intentions for remembering and participation very clearly in your head. Make your decisions and then enjoy adventure or quiet.