Aspect of a true self

QUESTION: Masters, I would like you to explain in very simple form about the facets of one’s true self. I believe many of us have more than one facet of ourselves incarnate and our true selves or higher self remains in the spirit realm. I have read that there can be offshoots of one’s True Self (i.e. facets) for example say a facet of an Ascended Master or a highly evolved soul. Some begin as facets of another True Self and then later merge into the highly evolved soul (thus becoming facets). This merging apparently occurs when the personality (facet) is ready to enfold itself in this way. Can you explain this process? If so, do these facets that began as other true selves, do they become the same soul and share the same twin flame or do they have their own twin flame? ~Susan, New Zealand

ANSWER: All souls are facets or aspects or pieces of Source, since they are all broken off from Source. The essence of a soul is unconditionally loving energy. The soul decides what it wants to learn about the energies in a dualistic world and sets out to have experiences that will allow it to learn. These are called incarnations.

The soul always has its previous experiences available to consult through the akashic records, a recording of everything that a particular soul has ever accomplished, or through its higher self. The higher self is not a part of the physical shell that is living a particular life but is always accessible by the conscious mind.

The higher self is aware of everything all at one time and may focus on any aspect it chooses. The conscious mind in the physical body is generally focused just on the current incarnation. People may access other lives through hypnosis or deep meditation. Their soul is not physically incarnate in more than one body at a time, however they may choose to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually go into a recording of another time and place with their unconscious and replay that experience.

The talents that have been perfected in one incarnation, such as music, psychic abilities, or alchemy, may be brought into the current life if the soul has no current lessons blocking access. If a soul has mastered all aspects of a certain lesson, it may also bring that into the present. All of the above-mentioned circumstances are the experiences of a single soul, just different views at various times.

Each soul has only one twin flame, which is the last particle from which it separated. Whatever role it plays, at whatever time in Earth or other history, it is one soul with one twin.