Essential powers and the human state

QUESTION: Masters, what is enlightenment? What is nirvana? Can any human being achieve them? Can we stay in that state for the whole of our lives? Or can only certain human beings achieve this? Can only gurus and masters and those further along the spiritual path achieve this in a lifetime? Or can any of us do it in any one lifetime? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Enlightenment is the conscious awareness of your soul essence. It is accepting, believing, using, and becoming the magnificent, all-powerful, all-knowing being that you are. It is the state of living, in your human form, in nonjudgmental unconditional love.

Nirvana has many different interpretations on Earth within various religions and belief systems. To some it is synonymous with heaven, the ultimate in rewards for living a good life. To us it is coming Home to unconditional love and freedom from the limitations of a physical body.

The purpose for a soul’s entering a life of duality here on Earth is to be confronted with negativity from which it can learn through its choices. Ultimately, if the soul finishes all its chosen lessons, it will be able to go on without needing negative experiences. The soul may then seek to bring its essential powers and abilities into its life, creating a nirvana on Earth through its enlightenment.

Humans have difficulty going day to day without anticipating some reward for the negativity they have to live through. They don’t realize that the accomplishment of understanding the test is the reward they sought before they became human. They create a need to be able to achieve things others talk about—enlightenment, nirvana, or mastership—without having any idea what they mean.

If your soul has completed its tasks and you wish to remain on Earth without returning to your unconditionally loving Home, you must learn to create those conditions on the planet. Judgment must be banished; you must think only of evaluating what you observe. Accept that each soul is on its own journey; love each soul for that journey even if it physically impacts you negatively. Love all souls equally for the essence within. These are the actions of an enlightened soul.

Putting oneself out as having all the answers that must be followed without question is not being enlightened because that is seeking to take away a person’s freedom of choice. We suggest you do as we often say: don’t accept anything anyone says—including us—unless it feels right to you. You can do anything that you choose to do and in which you invest your energy.