Lack of “Openness”

QUESTION: Masters, I have experienced ‘spirit release’, and a regression session where I seemed to be helping others from that life to regain something that was lost. These sessions appeared to be very real. However, my teacher in my Spiritualist Circle thinks these were unreal experiences. Can you enlighten me? ~Anne, UK

ANSWER: Some souls can only believe in what they have experienced on their own. That is true particularly when you are discussing things dealing with the non-physical world. Your teacher has never had the benefit of a spirit releasement and the impact it may have on the person going through such a procedure. Anyone who has not had a deep regression session is unaware of the contact that can be made with other souls that are in the in-between phases of life and how you may be able to say just the right thing for them to make a connection and be able to move on.

Through your experiences you have seen that souls are connected but are living independent lives. It is possible for some to be in a position to see what others cannot. What you witnessed—or, rather, re-lived—in your regression, was a lifetime of service to others. You were a wise teacher and had the ability to help others recognize their hidden abilities and the way to move into awareness. You saw this life because it showed you what you had thought about doing in this life since you had prior experience.

What you do with this information is completely up to you. It is important that you follow what resonates within you. If you, like your teacher, believe it was unreal, then that will become your reality. If you “feel” the rightness of your journey, then you must decide what to do with this bit of wisdom you have retrieved. Not everything that you have the ability to do should be done within a single life. Sometimes you recover the memories just for background flavor or as an example of your potential.

Go with the flow of the energy around you. If these pieces of the puzzle help you see the whole picture, then embrace them. If they were interesting but you don’t see a purpose for them just yet, put them on a shelf until you find a use for them. If you live in awareness, what most call the NOW, the universe will bring to you what you need to experience, and you will know where your tools are being kept.

Your teacher is wise in many ways but not all. Whatever you hear, whether from an Earth teacher or a spirit guide or even from us, each time see if it feels like the right thing for you at that time. Always trust your intuition and create the reality that works best for you. And don’t be afraid to change your reality as your life progresses.