Organized Religions

QUESTION: Masters, I have read in several posts that you do not espouse any Earth religions. Why is that? Do you believe that humans should worship Creator? Is there a proper way to do so? What do you make of atrocities committed in the name of religion? Is one religion closer than the others to The Truth? ~Alissa, USA

ANSWER: We do not espouse a particular religion because each set of creeds on which the practices are based tell a soul what to do by imposing belief systems upon them. Part of the journey of your soul to Planet Earth is to realize you have total freedom of choice to make all those decisions for yourself. When you choose to follow a dictated form of regulations, or way of life, you give all your power up to that religion to tell you what to do and how to think about things, and you never learn to take responsibility for your actions.

The religions are also based on judgment: “Do what we say and you will be rewarded; disobey and you will be punished.” This concept is understood and works well in the duality of Earth, but does not exist once the soul leaves the physical body and returns Home where there is no negativity to provide the punishment, and all is unconditional love, which may be equated with reward.

To worship is to venerate or pay homage to one whom you believe to be better, higher, or more powerful than you. Some do so because they think it will curry favor and therefore guarantee a reward. All souls are pieces of the Creator or Source and thus have the same qualities. So venerate yourself for the magnificent essence of which you are composed, and all the rest of the universe to which you are connected.

People use all kinds of reasons for the horrible things they inflict on others. If a religion has a brainwashed, fanatical following, the leaders may interpret the tenets of the faith to support whatever they want to see accomplished. Whole ruling classes have done this to the less fortunate throughout your planet’s history. We do not judge. We know everything that happens is part of ongoing life lessons for souls. All the other souls as a group evaluate what they observe and decide if it is something they wish to experience in a future life.

If you feel comfortable only when part of a group, find a “religion” that teaches you who you really are, that honors each individual as a piece of Source and helps you become aware of your powers. Seek out those who say: “How does that make you feel? Does it resonate deep inside of you?”