Affected by everything

QUESTION: Masters, I am attracted towards spiritual learning as well as worldly /materialistic pleasures. I need to have both. I am trying for it and I am getting both of it up to some extent. I am still not satisfied till now with what I have achieved. I always feel fear of some other type like death, disease, calamity & losing family members. Please guide me why I feel fear and how I can progress further. ~Rajkumar, India

ANSWER: It was decided that the soul would come to learn about lessons in a human body with all its marvelous nerve endings. Denying the materialistic pleasures would be saying they have no connection to the lessons you learn, which is not true at all. The lessons you learn, with their freedom-of-choice decisions for choosing your direction, are driven by your physical senses.

Fears and doubts, registered within your body by these very senses, are the signposts of your lessons. Learn why they exist and you will see what you came to learn. Ask yourself what you are feeling when you become aware of a fear. Then ask yourself why that feeling exists and where it came from. The origin is your lesson. It may be issues of self-worth, not understanding your connection to Source (that you never cease to exist), learning all about responsibility for yourself and not for others, or many other things.

Continue working as you have but push away any negativity that comes your way. If you fear a disease, you are saying it has strength in your life and you need to experience it. Do you really want that? Say: “Thank you, but I don’t need to experience that disease,” and then STOP thinking about it. This chases away the negativity and you can think positive thoughts about being healthy.