The power of numbers

QUESTION: Masters, I was told in a dream a series of numbers and felt I was to write them on my partner’s foot, which had been very painful for several days. I was also to give the numbers to her on a piece of paper to speak aloud through the day. The foot was healed. I came across a book on angels communicating through numbers. Would you elaborate on this phenomenon? Was this valid or am I just really “out there”? ~Sheila USA

ANSWER: Numbers, both written and spoken, create vibrations. All energy is vibrational. Healing, or balancing, energy is conveyed on vibrational waves. You may use numbers, colors, geometric shapes, crystals, or sound vibrations to help alter, correct, or restore out-of-balance parts of the physical body.

Communications occur between souls, such as angels or humans, via vibrations of one sort or another. They may also be used to create a variation in the internal harmony of physical flesh. Non-physical souls do not have the ability to talk as humans because they do not have bodies. They therefore use vibrational means of “talking” to others.

[There have been some interesting studies using numbers done in Russia by Grigori Grabovoi. Amazon has several of his “number” books. —Editor]