Earth changes

QUESTION: Edgar Cayce, Jesus, the Hopi prophecies (Mother Earth will shake herself clean), all spoke of Earth changes. Are these major changes in our immediate future? Say, in the next few years? ~Tom, US

ANSWER: There are not only changes in the future, but right now as well! Have you noticed the shifting in weather patterns—the increased number of earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, volcanoes, intense storms, floods, and droughts? These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Severe pressures are being placed on the planet by the realignment of the bodies within the solar system. As the galaxy prepares for the end of the travel cycle of the planets across the system back into a straight line across the Milky Way Galaxy, puny little Earth is getting pulled and pushed constantly.

Your moon, which is of insignificant size, nonetheless has the ability to affect the movement of water on your entire planet. Now imagine planets thousands of times bigger—passing into areas they have not occupied in 26,000 years—exerting influence on the Earth. The tectonic plates are being jammed together, pulled apart, and jostled. All of this affects everything on the surface of the planet.

Those aware of the movement of time and the planets knew this phenomenon would inevitably occur, so they spoke of the “changing” times. But after the alignment, another cycle begins and the planets will begin their travels around again. The influences will gradually disappear until next time.