What’s human and what’s not?

QUESTION: Masters, how do I distinguish my spiritual personality from my human personality, although I understand both reside within me? I take it that my spiritual/soul personality is not some of the selfish thoughts so these must be my human personality? ~Gena, UK

ANSWER: The human personality is based on the principles of humanity, which is governed by the ego. There is an equal division between experiences that let you feel negative energy and those that let you feel positive energy. Human thoughts center around judgment and what is considered right and wrong by the majority. Your selfish thoughts are negative and therefore part of the human side of you because you are judging what you have against someone else.

A true spiritual personality does not judge. Nothing is right or wrong; it is simply to be evaluated for the lesson it provides. Everything here at Home is done in unconditional love, respecting the life chosen by each person and rejoicing in it for that person’s sake. Connect with your soul essence of unconditional love whenever you wish to be here.