Plan for ascension?

QUESTION: Masters, I constantly hear that we create our reality which is true. What confuses me is people say to plan and create for what you want when you ascend. I don’t know what I want. Nothing appeals to me that I have knowledge of in this reality and I don’t know what is in my new reality. Is there something wrong with me? I feel like I’ve missed something. ~Barbara, US

ANSWER: You haven’t missed anything except good advice from someone who knew what they were talking about. Everyone does create their own reality, but creating your reality has nothing whatsoever to do with ascension. Currently you are incarnate in a human body. It is subject to the third-dimensional reality, which is controlled by the ego whose tool is judgment. Enlightenment is shedding the need to use judgment, and merely observing and participating in the flow of the universe.

Ascension is entering into enlightenment, or returning Home from the physical body into a universe of unconditional love. To talk of needing to create a reality at that time is to say that what is at Home must be changed into something you judge to be more to your liking. Unconditional love is a hard existence to beat.

If your ascension is one of physically transitioning out of your body, it is true that you first experience the things you believe you should, which can be illusory. However, all souls eventually “see the light” and return Home. (Read all the after-life stories related by the souls who spoke in the book How I Died, and what I did next.)

As in the above case, reality is also an illusion. Your illusion may be complex: full of people, continuing lessons, and restrictions; or simple: sharing your past experiences with others in an arena of unconditional love. Live your life fully by learning the lessons that are still affecting you. Rid yourself of all fears and judgments. Embrace the unconditional love that resides in your soul. Open yourself to feeling all things around you. Become a part of the universal energy flow and you won’t miss anything!