Newby awareness

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently become aware of the spiritual world from two friends who say we are connected in a spiritual way. They told me that I ‘was not human’ and was actually a spirit or possibly a ‘gray’ (I think that’s the spelling).  I feel I already knew there was something beyond the weird experiences of human life, and have always been interested in horoscopes and trying to find out what I was in a past life (if I have been on Earth before) just to have that little belief of something which is so magnificent and powerful. I feel like I need to know my purpose and lessons here on Earth and would just like some basic knowledge about the spiritual world. I’ve also recently got a pendant so I can communicate with the spirits and them replying with yes or no. I’m just so confused and interested! ~Emily, England

ANSWER: Welcome to the beginnings of consciousness. All human beings have an energetic essence within them that comes from a piece of Source and is called a soul. All souls are connected in the energy of that essence (often referred to as the Oneness). It is not completely contained within the physical shell you refer to as a body. The non-physical aspects may be called “spirit.”

“Gray” is a term that humans have given to certain species of souls experiencing a physical existence not on Earth (i.e., aliens). The term refers to their skin coloration. You are not currently a gray, nor are you primarily in spirit form.

You have been on Earth a number of times and have also chosen to live on other planets. Your Earth lives have been many and varied. Your purpose, as with all souls going through a physical life, is to learn as much about your true essence as you can and then assimilate your awesome powers into your present life. The lessons you have picked can be recognized by the things that you fear or the things that generate doubts in your mind. Each of these has an understanding into which you need to delve.

Your interest in horoscopes and pendants or pendulums can give you some guidance to see characteristics that may have been overlooked. Start spending more time letting your feelings give you your answers instead of relying on your thinking or the advice of others.

During this beautiful awakening period you will be forming new belief systems—the rules you accept as guidelines for your life. You have the freedom to choose those beliefs you wish to follow. Don’t let others tell you what to believe or how to live your life. Always ask yourself, “What do I feel is the best thing for me?” Don’t accept anything blindly. This is the spiritual journey.

Take a look at the archives of our answers to people. You will find a ton of information that will appear to be written for you—and it’s all free!