Baby complications

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in the middle of a confusing situation in my life. I am pregnant, this baby wants to come even though we didn’t “plan” for that. That’s why my husband has taken it quite hard. My opinion is that everything will get right and I am delighted to have this opportunity to be the mother of this soul. Our life is in turbulence, and it is taking its toll on both of us. Also my way of spirituality is something that my husband does not understand. I do see the future bright and calm, but what should I think in the middle of these confusing times? ~Piia, Finland

ANSWER: This child indeed has chosen to come at a time which will make you examine a lot of your beliefs about family and life. You will be a blessed family. What part your husband plays in this is up to him. He does not see this as a blessing but rather additional complications and burdens. Your spirituality allows you to see the larger picture of life within the universe. He sees only the day-to-day life and all the difficulties he already faces.

Your husband needs to feel the unconditional love of a child to get a glimpse of what life is all about. Go easy on him as he adjusts to his expanding world. Keep up your positive attitude because it will have a definite effect on him. He sees so much negativity outside the home that your island of peace and tranquility within the home is confusing by contrast.

Be truthful to yourself and your way of feeling. Gently introduce him to your spiritual beliefs of manifestation and unconditional love. He will be drawn to your beauty and grace with your sense of calmness. Just be yourself.