Non-physical advisor

QUESTION: Masters, recently I channeled a being, which I think is a being of Light called Aremes. I was in a regression and the being entered and spoke. My regressions were very intense and I saw two very significant lives which brought much insight for my book but also for things to come. The next day, while I was establishing my protection around my energy, I permitted Aremes to enter and speak with me again and got very insightful information. I saw that Aremes is on a specific counsel and that he and I have a big and important contract. Since this was very surreal to me and some people voiced concern about this channel, I would like to have your insights and wisdom on the matter. For me, this channel has a great importance. Am I wrong? ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: Contracts are made with fellow souls as you are planning a physical life so you may be able to experience a life lesson in the duality of Earth. Only souls who are going to be in human form can trigger or set up the conditions for a life lesson. No contract is any more important than any other in providing knowledge for your soul.

Spiritual guides will not come telling you how great they are because of their connections or experiences. Beings of the light may only assist you when you have initiated the contact and asked for assistance. Then their position is to give advice only, since telling you of a previous agreement to do something in a particular way prevents you from learning your lesson. The major aspect of all lessons is to learn. You have to use your freedom of choice to complete the task.

This whole happening is a life lesson for you to figure out. You have to decide how the events feel to you and whether they resonate with you as being part of your reality. Each soul establishes the truth in its life that allows the revelations of its desired lessons. Watch that your wishes don’t blind you to the realities.