Loose ends

QUESTION: Masters, what a privilege to speak with you in such casual terms. You have my love and respect. Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to know the following: 1. Are my brother and lady all right? 2. Are they ready to communicate with me? 3. What is the spiritual connection between my lady and me? 4. I was born on 5 June 1984, does that say anything about my life? 5. Who are we as humans? And there are things that come to my mind, are they any wisdom or insight, or are they just some confused thoughts? ~Andy, South Africa

ANSWER: Formality only erects barriers and says we are better than you; that is not so, and this form of contact is easiest for you to understand. Your brother and lady are continuing on their life’s paths. You will know when the time is right for communication. You had made contracts with your lady before coming down here to experience things together and to create additional lessons by parting. A person’s date of birth sets up astrological influences on the physical body so that it may lead to various experiences which are being sought, but these are only pre-dispositions, not absolute energies.

Now a major question: You humans have enabled yourselves to enter into a life-stream of duality. You have positioned yourself with a highly sensitive body-covering which can intensify the physiological reactions created by the events in which you partake. The human body’s many sensitive nerves endings allow you full access to stimuli so that you have no doubt about things affecting your body. You are a soul on a mission to experience human duality—the qualities of positive and negative energies—so you may learn and gather knowledge that, when understood, can be assimilated as wisdom and used in subsequent reincarnations.

In a human body you become conscious of thoughts in two ways. The first is physical: things told to you by others, things you observe, and things you read. These are stored as “hard” data in your storage unit (brain) to be recalled when you so desire. The second way is non-physical: your unconscious recollection of the knowledge you gathered elsewhere, accompanied by assistance or guidance from your spiritual non-physical guides. This comes in the form of feelings, often accompanied by words arising in your thoughts. Ask with the thoughts you have: “How do I feel about this? Is this something that resonates with me, or something I have been programmed to follow?” You will then have your answer to the last question.