Am I ready for love?

QUESTION: Masters, my question concerns my love life. Since every other area in my life is very fulfilling and great, except in my love life, there’s still something missing. I feel like I’m finally ready to meet someone special to begin a relationship. I actually met someone a little time ago whom I genuinely liked but the person isn’t someone who would usually be interested in me in a serious way. I still feel we had some kind of a connection and could really have a great time together, that there really could be something worth exploring. Am I just having silly dreams or could there really be something? Or am I to meet someone else? Or is it still too early for me to meet someone? Am I still supposed to concentrate all my energy on other areas of my life?                                      ~Karin, Finland

ANSWER: You have worked long and hard to get to the understanding you are at right now. What you are still troubled with is acceptance that you are the same as every other soul who is having a physical existence. Your essence is all-powerful, all-knowing, and magnificent, but you always impose conditions and doubts about yourself before you will look at your potential.

You will be ready for a companion when you believe that you are. There is no soul or person who is beyond you or not interested in you. You set the conditions. Put that thought out into the universe and it becomes true for you. If you don’t do  that, you will prevent yourself from changing the limits that you have accepted, which will drive people away, or at least send them the psychic message “don’t mess with me!”

Loosen up. Throw out all your limiting beliefs and start with a new premise. All souls are the same. You wish to share your life with someone who also desires to love and share with another person, and that person could be you. Be clear with the signals you send out. What do you want in a companion? What do you have to give? When do you want this companion to appear?

Once you have the energy flowing for what you want, be ready to act upon what it draws back to you. Be yourself; don’t mold yourself into something you think the other person wants—no union can last on such lies. Don’t make your fears of acceptance a barrier to starting a relationship. You have been extremely successful in other aspects of your life; see that kind of success come to you in a companion.