Is ascension our goal?

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in contact with people who talk a lot about how they have ascended and how important that is. I’m having trouble relating to this. I’m 53 now but I still remember a Christ experience I had as a child, but I don’t see myself as someone who has ascended. Is trying to ascend higher really our main goal for each lifetime? ~Claes, Sweden

ANSWER: The word ascension on your planet has come to mean a multitude of things within different circles of people. An “ascension” is a movement from a place of density or murkiness into another of lesser density and greater clarity. It is referred to by some as entering “enlightenment.” All souls in human form, at one time or other, yearn to know all that is—to have the knowledge and wisdom of the Masters or even of Source.

When you are in your essence form—that is, not confined to a physical body—you are in that state of “all-knowingness.” Very few people actually attain that state while still in human form. People may start ascending by getting out of the heaviness of ego negativity, by choosing to sustain their life in only love and positive actions. They remove themselves from the judgment that controls the ego and enter into the evaluation of seeing everything as a lesson and not as either right or wrong.

Those consciously following a spiritual path seek to reach this unconditionally loving non-judgmental state. This can normally not be done if they have not completed the lessons they came down to Earth to learn. People identify themselves by what they feel they have accomplished. This is to rank where they are, from where others consider themselves to be. To souls on their journey, this doesn’t matter. To grade, rank, or compare is to embrace ego and experience pride.

The main goal or purpose for which souls enter a physical state is to learn lessons and then to remember as much about their unconditionally loving self as is possible. Your early experience was a flashback to your condition on the Other Side, that fantastic feeling of being cradled in total love. If you could bring that feeling into your daily life, can you see how much it would enrich it? That is why so many seek to ascend; they just don’t understand the term, the process, or how they should feel when they arrive.