Learn to honor yourself

Question: Masters, my husband works abroad and has another woman there. Should I try to keep our family together or let go of him and find my own way without him? Is it meant for me to learn to accept my loneliness and give up a relationship that isn’t alive anymore? ~Isela, Estonia

ANSWER: What do you think about your husband’s regard for you? Do you think he honors and respects you? And what do you feel about him? Does he deserve your continued loyalty and respect? You are in the midst of stepping outside of your sheltered little house and seeing the world as it truly exists.

In the beginning you ignored the signs that showed your husband was being unfaithful to your marriage. You did not want to admit that he was choosing someone over you. It made you question your worth. You are a fantastic, magnificent person—you just have to see and accept that fact.

He is a very weak person and has to have someone to take care of him on whom he can depend to be there, or he cannot function. His woman in that other country is his stability. He sees women as possessions and servants to service his needs. He does not really know how to love another human being.

This part of your life is a lesson to see if you can honor your inner essence and do what is necessary to feel respected and loved. You may continue as things are, but it is preventing you from finding a caring, sharing man with whom you may go through the rest of your life. Love yourself enough to “feel” what you need to do to honor and plan for the next part of your life.

You are filled with unconditional love inside. Let it come out so you may feel fantastic about yourself and your decisions. Cutting loose from what is a marriage in name only will allow you to get out of the loneliness that has been there because you are holding open a hollow existence, and it will free you to move out into the light, and the companionship of others.