The benefit of intuition

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been through difficult times and soul searching during last 5-7 yrs. I feel I’ve found many answers and solved many knots in me and seen things go better and better and me happier and happier after starting to trust my intuition. I’m very thankful of that. There is still one question that I really want to get more information: about the nature of the relationship with a man I met this year who now lives very far away. I feel we are connected and genuinely trust and have spiritually very healing influence on each other. Am I right and what is the meaning of this relationship? Will we get a chance to live a bit closer to each other? ~Ilona, Finland

ANSWER: Congratulations on the journey and all the lessons you have figured out. You have traveled down the usual path of a human incarnation and worked diligently on your assignments. The knots were blockages created by the desired understanding you had wanted. Working through that tie-up did allow you to feel better and better. It also reduced the amount of fear and doubt remaining, an indication of incomplete life lessons waiting to be worked on, letting life become happier and happier.

Intuition is the acceptance of your soul’s communication with you, which comes through your feelings or just a sense of “knowing.” When you are too occupied with life lessons it is almost impossible to hear. As you remove obstacles it becomes clearer and clearer if you wish to listen. When you reach this point you are ready to have more experiences presented to you.

This gentleman you got to know is one of your soul mates. It was decided that if both of you were ready to proceed after having finished so much of your life’s journey, you would meet and see what develops. It was not to be without challenges to test your resolve—hence the distance between you. Follow the signs that are presented as you maintain contact with him. He is not quite as ready for big changes in his life as you are. Be patient.