Global Warming

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know the true cause or causes of Global Warming.  Is it in fact caused by human activity or is it a natural cycle? Is it caused by gamma rays hitting the planet as we travel through space? Is it because man has developed too many unnatural substances that are released on the Earth, and if so, which ones? Is global warming a good thing or a bad thing? Will it lead to much destruction as some say? Or are there benefits to global warming? What can be done about it and should anything be done about it? I want to know the real truth. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: There is no one answer to your concerns. Basically you are seeing a planetary cycle complicated by human interference. It is well documented that your planet goes through these periods from extreme heat to extreme cold. Partially the cycle is regulated by the influences of the other planetary bodies in close proximity to Earth and the energetic, and radiation, effect they push onto the Earth. All of these things are combining to affect the physical currents of air and water on the surface, which also have the job of regulating the temperatures around the planet.

Humans have contributed with their pollution to the additional destabilizing of temperature structures. Pollution holds in heat that is already on the surface and prevents heat transference to reduce temperatures. The denuding of forested areas affects the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance on the surface. Gases being burned and being produced by factories and some animal breeding all influence the current fragile mix.

Global warming is mostly a destructive mechanism for physical beings inhabiting the world. While a lot of the species on the planet will adapt to the temperature changes, a number of them will become extinct. The ice melts, if they become severe, will inundate coastal and small island areas.

The reduction of consumption of natural woods and large plants that break down carbon dioxide, the reduction of dependence on the use of fossil fuels, and the conversion to alternative energy sources will all slow down the stampede toward higher temperatures. Will this strategy stop the juggernaut by itself? No.

What light workers can do is use their energy-healing techniques to filter out contaminants in the air, to do a heat exchange to lower temperatures, and to help replace the cooler temperatures near the poles to re-freeze the ice. The major problem is filtering out the influences of the other planets that are bombarding Earth as they line up across the Milky Way galaxy.

Wherever a group gathers to help Mother Earth and restrict the negative influences of the universe, “global warming effects” will be affected and changes can occur. The final chapter has not been written—you are a work in progress.