Limits of manifestation

QUESTION: Masters, I recently attempted to manifest a dream lottery house. I took the project really seriously and put everything I had into it, by looking at it two to three times a day, visualizing it as mine, feeling it as mine, reading articles daily regarding shifting realities and attempting to shift myself into that reality. My girls even received psychic visions regarding this house of us living in it. In the end, the lottery home went to someone else. I was crushed because I thought I did everything right. What did I do wrong and how can I intentionally manifest our dreams? ~Lisa, Canada

ANSWER: You misunderstand manifestation. You have the basic principles down but it is not 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time. You will not be able to manifest something if it will interfere with some life lesson you are avoiding or have not completed. If you had to spend so much time on your intention, it shows that you had some doubts about completion; that alone could have stopped the result desired.

What about all the other people who bought lottery tickets? There was only one house and hundreds of hopefuls. What if even a dozen of those knew about manifestation and went through the same procedures that you did? Should the house be divided by all those who were manifesting ownership? Or was the winning possibly a life lesson previously set up by one of the candidates?

Manifestation is also hindered by expectations. If you put all your work into one and only one destination, anything getting in the way, like other conflicting manifestations, will prevent yours from materializing. Saying you wanted that particular house and none other was very restrictive. If instead you had said you wanted a house just like that, and had given the universe some time to work on it, you would have had the option of having it made available through a lottery (either for a house or the money necessary to purchase the house), by way of an inheritance, or some other way.

Don’t give up on manifestation—it works if all the right factors are present. To see if you have lessons you need to clear, look to your fears and doubts and dig into them to find the cause. Don’t give up on a house; just don’t fixate on one house when hundreds of other people are doing the same thing.