Limiting expectations

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve noticed something interesting. Why is it that whenever I want to achieve my dreams, and I’m so close that all I have to do is to reach out and grab it, there is always something else that is close to my ultimate dream comes to distract me from my current dream? It’s difficult to put this into words but I hope you will be able to sense my energy! ~Hui Jeng, Singapore

ANSWER: You have terrific powers of manifestation; unfortunately you get so involved in what you think you want, that you can’t see the other possibilities that exist. Your guides cannot tell you that something more fulfilling or enlightening exists than whatever you have been investing all your time and effort into producing, so they have the alternative appear at the same time as your expected result. This is to show you there are choices to enrich your life and not just one direction.

Instead of expectations of a particular result, start projecting a basic goal or destination. During your journey, have your eyes open to see if, as you become more aware of your abilities, it would be better to alter your destination. You see a change from your programmed goal to be a distraction; we see it as giving you the freedom to decide that something else might be even better than you imagined when you began the journey.

Go with the flow of the universe. This will allow you to be in tune with whatever you elected to do during this lifetime. Make life easier on yourself. Let the return of your projected energy (your manifestation) come to you without effort. Some aspects of life can be very easy if you don’t fight them each step of the way.