Dreaming a fantasy world

QUESTION: Masters, I am wondering what is the meaning of dreams about your soulmate? When I met this guy five years ago, I started to have dreams about him all the time. That’s how I fell in love with him. He always used to talk about love in my dreams. I still have dreams about him. We became very close friends over the time. We wanted to be together but we were both afraid—and we also had huge ego problems, big time. I just knew from the day one I met him, that he is my soulmate, but these dreams (with him always talking about love towards me), I just don’t get it. Are those dreams reality? Can they be reality? ~Maya, Canada

ANSWER: You are infatuated with the idea of a torrid and sensual love affair. You desperately want to be loved and passionately courted. Your dreams have taken the scenarios from movies you have seen and books you have read and turned them into nighttime entertainment. Your egos are trying to control one another’s actions.

This is not reality; this is a fixation. He is not a soulmate. He says to you in your dreams exactly what you want to hear because you are writing his lines for him. Most people choose some famous person to be their dream lover, but you are intimidated by well-known people and took this obscure man because you convinced yourself he was a soulmate and therefore someone you were entitled to have as a lover. Stop living in a fantasy world!

You have plenty of time to redirect all the energy you have put into this believe life and begin an actual relationship with someone. Go to places where you can meet new people and find some common interests. Establish a relationship based upon sharing yourself with a real person while you are awake. Your dream world has been enjoyable but it is time to move on.