Fear of Crowds

Q: Masters, why is it that I cannot stand to be in crowds? I find that people around me are doing things that I cannot stand. These are the types of things that I would never do, and I come near to reprimanding the miscreants. How should I deal with these situations?

A: In many past lives you were in positions of authority—a policeman, a prison guard, a conductor on a train. In each one of these cases you had the position, but you had no real power to enforce the rules and regulations that you were expected to ensure were followed.   

These situations created extremely frustrating times for you. Frequently you would be punished or reprimanded if those you were supposed to direct didn’t do as you requested. The more frustrated you got, the more belligerent became your subjects—and the more you were punished.

You see each situation in this life as a recurring test of your being able to do your job. Having not learned in any of these lifetimes that it is impossible to make anyone do anything they do not want to do, you keep trying to be in control. It is time to accept that control is merely an illusion. You must accept that each soul is on its own pathway, having its own lessons to learn.

Relinquish the need to maintain responsibility for others. Accept responsibility for your own lessons, learn them, and then move on.