Negativity drain

QUESTION: I am now married to someone whom I had a soul connection with on our first meeting. I knew we would be friends forever (I was still married at the time to someone else and didn’t know we would become more than friends). He has incredible negativity and the ability to suck the energy/life out of me and those around him with just his presence. Am I doing what I need to do to help him through this darkness? At times I feel I am just losing myself and question the path that I have chosen. ~Sharon, USA

ANSWER: Your current husband is a member of your soul group and you have shared a number of former lives together. You recognized his energy signature when you first met him and it felt familiar and comfortable. You had planned to meet in this lifetime to assist each other with your lessons.

His major lesson is to recognize that he lives in negativity and spends a lot of time pulling it to him. He revels in having others feel as bad as he does and gathers those around him who bring their own negative energies. He is sucking energy out of you, and you are allowing him to do it by not shutting down the connection when he hooks on to you.

Your lesson is to make the decision what this section of your life will be. You have the ability to help him to try to see his constant negative thoughts and change his behavior. Since this is his lesson, he will have to accept and understand what he is doing before he can make the choice to stop. He would have to learn to enjoy positive thoughts and actions. He needs to get out of his constant judgment and controlling ways.

If you cannot get him to see the need to change, your only choices are to continue as you are or to leave his environment so as not to be drained dry. Your lesson is to exercise your freedom of choice to be where you want to be.