Neanderthals = Lemurians?

QUESTION: Masters, are the Neanderthals the Lemurians we read about in metaphysical circles? If not, how sentient were the Neanderthals? What path were they on? How did their different brain shape affect their consciousness? How did they die out, and why? ~Margaret, USA

ANSWER: No, the Lemurians were a group of highly evolved creatures who had the ability to communicate with their minds and create whatever they chose to manifest. Unfortunately, part of the group decided they wished to play around with “cold fusion,” with explosive results. They broke up and sank their continent of Mu into the ocean. The westernmost edge is what is now known as the Hawaiian Islands, and the easternmost part is on the continental United States in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta, California.

Just before the catastrophe, a group of Lemurians migrated to the old volcanic tunnels within Mt. Shasta and other parts of California reaching toward the sea. They formed a series of cave dwellings which are called Telos. They are in a slightly different vibration, so humans rarely see any of them.

Neanderthals were a stage of progression in the evolution of today’s homo sapiens. Sentience is the ability to be responsive to, or conscious of, sense impressions. We sometimes call it being “aware.” Some people declare that a sentient being must be able to be empathetic to the plight of other beings.

The Neanderthals were progressing through this phase of growth. The shape of their brain had little impact on the development of this ability. The pre-frontal lobes held the “group knowledge” or instincts that the earlier man had worked through. The higher functions were being processed in other regions of the brain that previously had not been used. A combination of evolution and the periodic weather cycles caused the extinction of the Neanderthals.

Mankind is going through another evolution as we speak, with opening what you call psychic pathways. To that end, you are redeveloping the skills of the Lemurian and Atlantean races. The size of your skull is deceptive because currently you are using such a small percentage of your brain. The changes occurring will activate a larger section of the brain and re-establish mind communication.