“Freaking” the family

QUESTION: Masters, as I journey to a self of a higher level of awareness, how do I protect my family from the fear of me changing? Recently my daughter shared with me that she is scared of me changing and is “freaked” out by my new interests in the spiritual world. I worry that my husband will change his views of me too and his concerns about what I talk about to my children. Should I keep all of my journey to myself or can I share this with my family? Thank you for helping me understand how to protect the ones I love.  ~Catharine, Singapore

ANSWER: Society prepares everyone to anticipate that the whole world will function in a pre-determined fashion. As your daughter grew up you shared your beliefs with her, and now, to her dismay, you are changing your beliefs! What this is doing is rocking the foundation of the rules she has come to live by, and it is very scary for her.

Your husband thinks this is just a fad that will wear off and you will return to the person he married. It now becomes a freedom of choice issue whether you live your life for yourself or for those members of your family and friends who are upset about your choices. You may see this as protecting the ones you love, but it is really depriving them of the opportunity to make their own choices.

If you continue to follow the feelings that began your journey, you are honoring yourself. If you revert to your old beliefs or limit them by what others say, you are in fact saying they are more important than you are. You would be giving control over your decisions to those who have no idea how you feel or what resonates within you. Neither choice is more right or wrong than the other. It is a matter of following your internal feelings and not the external world.

Most humans fear change regardless of how small or insignificant it may be. They want certainty in their life, but if you don’t change you don’t evolve. The speed of evolution is left up to the individual.