Drugs and family

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question which I think is becoming a common problem around the world. My son has a drug habit which resulted in him becoming detached from reality, and to cut a long story short, he has recently been admitted to a mental health hospital due to a psychotic episode and depression. I have tried to pray and send Reiki to him regularly but wonder whether I am helping or stopping his soul’s progression. I do wonder whether the effect of drug taking has weakened his auric field and allowed attachments to affect his behaviour. Although I feel that I do all I can to support him, I feel his antipathy towards me particularly rather than anyone else. Can you help? ~Wendy, UK

ANSWER: It is very unfortunate that a mother cannot help her children, in the same way she could when they were infants, as they start making their own choices. Souls all over the world are turning to drugs for a number of reasons, mostly having to do with running away from everyday life.

Your son found life to be painful when he was placed in a position of responsibility. In a mood of rebellion he also sought new experiences which he knew would not be sanctioned by his family or others. Under the influence of drugs his inhibitions dissolved and he allowed himself to venture wherever things looked soothing or adventurous.

Another aspect of drug intoxication is being able to reach into your subconscious mind. This permits access to your higher self containing information of your deepest anxieties created by your life lessons. Drug euphoria also opens the doorway to communication with non-physical beings—what usually gets diagnosed as schizophrenia or psychosis. The subject cannot tell what is physically real and what is not.

You correctly deduced that the protective auric field is disturbed; that, plus an invitation to anything that wants to come in, creates a platform for attachments. Once the person is virtually incapacitated via medication, these attachments generally detach and look for someplace more active.

Your Reiki will never interfere with a soul’s journey. The universal life force energy is intelligent and goes where it is needed. In this case it is reinforcing your son’s reasons for his behavior and helping him to break through his understanding of his actions. He isn’t completely ready yet, but it will be very helpful when he is ready.