Spiritual help for a physical job

QUESTION: Masters, was I naïve? Did I have any impact? Was what I was doing just in my head? My son was one of thirty-three boys trying out for the high school baseball teams. To assist him, I worked with him at his soul level. I placed him in a Holon of Balance (octahedron); called in angels of sports; prayed for Father/Mother God, his higher self, his guides, his angels to infuse him with energy/light to help him be the best he could be during tryouts. He was one of five cut at the end of tryouts. What happened or didn’t happen? He wasn’t thrilled when I reminded him that when one door closes another opens. How do I guide him now? In what direction should he go?  ~Louise, USA

ANSWER: You created a perfectly good non-physical support system, but you forgot to include your son. Working with him at his soul level did nothing to help him with his confidence and sense of self-worth. You concentrated on his physical attributes but not his mental/emotional ones. He was not as confident in his own abilities as he needed to be. He suffered from stage fright, resulting in his talking himself out of his own success.

Better would have been a discussion of how he felt about the upcoming tryouts: where he thought he had strengths and where he felt he had deficiencies. A realistic evaluation of his chances to make the team and what he needed potential help with prior to the tryouts would have helped with his confidence.

He became quite freaked out when he saw the prowess of some of the other students. Many had played on traveling leagues and possessed much experience. His prior experience paled in comparison. Your son has the potential to play with these boys, but he needs to know and believe that he can. When he saw what others could do he felt inadequate and lost all composure.

The direction from here is up to him. He would be better in a solitary sport rather than a team sport. Cross country, track events, tennis, or swimming are more appropriate. If he still wants to try baseball, he needs to get some coaching from some of the other possible areas such as park districts or church leagues. Sports at the level of high school and beyond are extremely competitive and not just for fun anymore. He needs to make the decision whether to commit to sports or academics or another interest.