Does hidden trauma = fat?

QUESTION: Masters, twice now in my life I have come across channeled information that says that belly fat actually “muddies” the etheric/astral body in that area. This material said that until we are willing to feel what’s there, the fat will not go away. Please elaborate on the “mechanics” of that setup. I’ve gotten better and better over the years at facing/feeling what comes up; the fat on my body says otherwise. Also, if one doesn’t know they are holding certain feelings, (such as a grief experience over a stillborn brother from 42 yrs ago, which I experienced at a workshop this summer), how can you clear such?  As my belly has only grown larger over the years (I’m 60) I assume lots must be in there. It all feels like past-life stuff. So what gives?  ~Margaret Frances, USA

ANSWER: Belly fat or any fat within the physical shell (skin) is in the physical body, and the etheric/astral body is part of the non-physical self. While it is true that past-life events and lessons that were not cleared and are held in the etheric or astral body may have an impact on the physical body, there is not an absolute correlation between body fat and underlying hidden issues. A body condition does not impact a non-physical problem.

One way to hold on to the fat is to believe that there is a correlation between unrealized problems and girth. If you made a contract before coming to Earth to have weight as a guidepost for you to determine your progress through your lessons, then it would work in that way. You could also have convinced yourself there is a connection between issues unresolved and holding the energy of them in the form of fat. Other factors come into play. Eating is a comfort activity for humans, and fat is seen as a protection from many negativities. Past lives involving starvation or gluttony may be impacting your impression of yourself unconsciously.

Have you grasped the idea yet that we are not going to directly answer why you are holding on to this weight? Well we aren’t, because it is wrapped around several life lessons which you have not gone into nor resolved as of yet. Ask yourself what fears and doubts about your life keeping cropping up. These are maps directing you to your answer for the weight—but never believe it has to stay there throughout this entire life. When you are ready to release the need for it, then it will go.