The answer is love

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve always loved helping others, but people have been unappreciative and ungrateful, which is affecting my love for helping others. All I ever wanted was to help others in need, because I’ve experienced that sense of helplessness when no one was there for me when I needed care and concern. In this world where power and wealth make it go round, it is difficult to experience what love of the purest form is like. I love my parents and I’m sure they love me the same way as well. But this world would be perfect for me if there were only my parents and I.  I pray for insanity sometimes, but I do not seek for sympathy from others. Insanity may be a form of liberation for me, for the only reason why I’m living on in this ugly world of lies is the existence of my parents—nothing more and nothing less. If that is the case, are my parents the sole purpose of my existence? ~Cherylyn, Singapore

ANSWER: You are not here for the sole purpose of your parents but out of your own desire to learn lessons. Your primary issue at this time is self-love. You are sensitive to the fact you feel no love— by your own admission you are not even sure your parents love you. Souls can feel and give love only to the extent that they understand love, which depends on being able to love themselves.

You seek love from others by doing things for them, but the love they return to you is not something you can understand at this time. You fight the sense of power and wealth, which to you is happiness, because you possess no power or happiness. Your answer to the lack of feelings available to you is to run away.

You have envisioned two means of hiding: you and your parents, who you think love you, could be the only people on the planet, or you could become insane and not responsible for your actions, which you equate with freedom. You may find liberation in allowing yourself to truly understand what love is. You first must deal with the fact you do not feel worthy or capable of love.

Why? Do you not know that you are a magnificent being that possesses a soul broken off from the Source of the universe which exists in unconditional love? Your very essence is unconditional love—but you must permit yourself the luxury of feeling that love completely. Go inside where your core essence resides and feel that love. Intensify the feeling and allow it to come out and touch your physical being. Now you are ready to love and be loved.