Internet dating disaster

QUESTION: Masters, a couple of months ago I met a man on the Internet and we exchanged e-mails every day until I finally met him a couple of weeks ago. We discussed many interesting spiritual topics, but he is married, so I was very clear on my boundaries. He informed me he has been told from clairvoyants that he has been a Red Indian chief, and he receives messages from his two children from that life. They have told him that I was with him in that life, but it doesn’t feel right to me for some reason. I also don’t feel I want to stay in contact with him anymore. Why this sudden distance? Did we have a contract that has now been fulfilled in any way? ~Lisbeth, Norway

ANSWER: This man is very lonely, manipulative, and controlling. He has many women he communicates with online. He finds it a game to find a way to place a “hook” into women so they will do his bidding. He knew you were very spiritual from your exchanges. Knowing you believed in reincarnation he was trying to use that as a way of holding on to you and getting you to do his bidding.

His “children” would have soon told him about your unrequited love for him in that life that is affecting relationships in this lifetime. He would then have suggested a way to clear this negativity by demonstrating your love for him in this lifetime. He would have presented the whole affair as a service he was providing for your betterment and something to which he, himself, was indifferent.

The reason it doesn’t feel right to you is that the whole thing is a fabrication. He is trying to see how many conquests he can achieve. He uses his marriage as an excuse to never have to make any commitments or let you into his personal life.

The distance you sense is one created by realizing that he is a liar and can no longer be trusted. You have freedom of choice to maintain the contact with him if you choose, but you will learn no more from a continued connection. This was not a contract between you, just part of a lesson you sought in trust—both being able to trust others and trusting your own powers of intuition.