Can’t escape the fear

QUESTION: Masters, a spate of unfortunate incidents caused me to have a spiritual awakening in 2007. Since then, I’ve discovered a lot about myself including the fact that I’m an Indigo and a lightworker. This has explained why I am the only one in my family who used to feel the presence of non-physical beings as a child, especially in my bedroom. As I progress along my spiritual journey, I am becoming more sensitive and aware of new abilities. However my sense of fear has not decreased. Instead I still fear any contact with the non-physical. What can I do to get rid of this fear? I feel that in order to progress in my journey I should embrace my gifts without any fear. ~ NKS, Singapore

ANSWER: Regardless of the fact of the lineage you chose for this lifetime, you have been imprinted with belief systems from society and family. When you interacted with your non-physical friends from the other side as a child, your family was horrified and told you it was wrong, dangerous, and you could get hurt. These threats have remained within your unconscious and given energy to your fear now whenever there is an encounter with non-physicals.

There are only two energies in the world: love and fear. If you don’t love something, some aspect of fear will arrive to drive you away from any contact with it. You have the belief system fear and the “I don’t love myself” layer of fear. To rid yourself of the belief systems you must ask yourself, every time a fear appears, why do I feel this way? If you are truthful you will be able to go back to the time that the belief was written into your brain. You then have the freedom of choice to keep it around or delete it from your life.

Acceptance of the presence of the unconditional love that is your soul allows you to love yourself and everything you are experiencing. When you know you are eternal and can feel the love of the universe, nothing can hurt you or make you afraid. When you think you are alone, everything is scary. Connect with yourself and banish the fear.