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Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, could you please explain the difference between linear time in 3d dimensional reality and time in 5D? I do not understand “everything happening at once” idea – it seems to contradict the observations that spirits can fly, sing, create artwork, study etc. – all these are processes happening in time…How can any succession or causation exist outside time? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: The most basic difference is that linear time exists in the physical duality of the Earth plane where it reflects measurements, again physical, of the planets revolving around each other, and 5D time is nonphysical, non-definable in terms of physical language. Now, doesn’t that make it even worse? LOL

It is little wonder that a soul constrained by existing in a physical body can’t understand concepts of actions of which it currently has no perception. It is like the idea to you/fact to us that a soul has the ability to be in more than one place at the same instant – something a physical body cannot do but an amorphous energy does easily. Everything a soul has ever done, in any “time” as you call it – past, present, or future, is known and recorded or represented on their akashic record. It is like a disc containing all the works of an actor. It is all there today at once, but you need a physical focus to differentiate one movie from another if you are human. As a spirit, you have an awareness of it all simultaneously.

If you have no knowledge of a foreign language you cannot understand what someone is saying to you, particularly when explaining something you have never observed yourself. Even if you did understand the words, if they defined something to which you were never exposed you would still not be able to comprehend what they mean or what they are describing.

The actions of spirits which you are talking about all have to do with the spirit descending into the arena of the planet, where time controls, and being seen in that venue. Causation needs depth, a positive and negative infusing of linear time to see how one thing impacts another. How is the pinball physically working its way through the playing field? What is it bouncing off of? What is it activating in other areas? As a spirit in a nonphysical environment, things are just as it desires them to be. No causation equals no time needed.

When does the soul enter the body?

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I read some texts that say that the soul only enters the body at the time of birth. So why in some past-life sessions do I have clients who say they have suffered in situations where they have been aborted? ~Val, Brazil

ANSWER: Once the sperm and egg have joined together and started to divide, a soul puts a claim on the resulting fetus and attaches a filament to it. They generally do not enter into the cells at this time because of the long gestation period and the availability of saying goodbyes to all their friends who are not incarnating. The only time this will not occur is if the women has decided she wishes to experience a stillbirth or miscarriage and there is no chance that a live birth will occur.

If the mother has not planned on the probability of having an abortion, the soul may or may not know that could be a possibility. The soul chose the parents for many factors such as ethnicity, characteristics, location, and family situation. A soul may have even been told that the mother may decide to abort or be in an accident that will cause injury to the fetus and subsequent death.

The time that the soul is “all in” in mother depends a lot on the experience they are seeking. If they have done this innumerable times, they generally hesitate to become confined too early. If the mother is doing interesting things like dancing, swimming, playing music, or singing, the soul may enter earlier to try these new things out.

Where the soul may experience trauma is when they anticipated an easy birth and then the mother, for whatever reason, decides she doesn’t want to continue the pregnancy and aborts. This may even be a lesson concerning trauma that they knew was coming, and they wished to see how it felt and what their reaction to it would be.

Now, at the time of birth, the fetus will not be viable if it does not contain a soul. Therefore, the soul must entirely enter into the baby at the time of birth for the fetus to survive. This does not prevent them from having entered prior to birth – it is a matter of freedom of choice.

Changing relationship factors

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters my question is about long term relationships. People do change and may need different things in a relationship but surely this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to remain in a loving lifelong relationship? If someone changes because they are unwell, wouldn’t a loving response be to stay and care for them? We all change continuously really, so isn’t part of the nature of human love about partners in a relationship accepting each other as we change and finding the love in the ever changing present? ~Carly, Australia

ANSWER: Every soul who is having a human experience creates their own reality by the choices they make. Part of their lesson choice may be to be altruistic and to take care of others at the expense of their own journey and learning. Society suggests the sanctity of marriage and the responsibility of one party for the other is not optional. But this is a choice, not a requirement, in the spiritual prospective.

If you sense that a lesson of yours is to be dogged in your care for your spouse, then that is what you should do. If you understand that your spiritual journey is a solo affair where you are only responsible for your own growth, then marriage is simply a societal obligation that is binding only if you so decide.

There are many things that can prevent a long-term relationship. One partner wonders off into other pastures, never looking back. Should the remaining partner keep the home fires burning awaiting their return? That is a freedom of choice question.

The type of loving response you ask about concerns the third-dimensional choice within the duality of positive and negative. Exiting the duality and becoming enlightened removes the negative aspect to physical love and makes it unconditional and positive only. That results in nothing being right or wrong but just a choice of what can teach you the most. Blindly accepting another’s changes is saying that they know more about what you need to grow than you do. There may be no love coming from them to find.

As people change with the experiences they have, they may no longer be suited for the union that once seemed perfect. Becoming proficient at addition and subtraction will serve you little in calculus. And if your partner has not advanced in mathematics, you may no longer have anything to share and to talk about. The choice, of course, is always yours to make. But, do honor yourself and your reason for incarnating.