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Is peace and joy enough?

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have reached a point in my spiritual journey that is very peaceful and joyful. I spend my days very much the same, I love my simple life. I rarely think about the past now; my main focus is the now and sometimes the future. I feel very distant, mentally and emotionally, from the world at large, despite living in the center of a big city. My question: is my focus on my inner peace keeping me from experiences my soul chose to have? I fear being too much in my comfort zone. I have no great dreams or desires other than to Be and feel all the love our cosmic family is sending us. Is being peaceful and joyful enough? ~Gisela, Brazil

ANSWER: A soul comes into a human body to discover who they are as a piece of Source. Source is unconditional love, the epitome of self-love, and exists in perfection. This “knowing” is accomplished by working through the difficulties you came to experience and from which you learn.

When humans have dealt with all the lessons they came to learn, they have choices. These possibilities include continuing to utilize the wisdom they have gathered through their lessons to take full advantage of the abilities and powers they possess, such as creativity, manifestation, and living in love within the negativity of Earth. Or they may become way showers to teach others the path of enlightenment, or return Home to plan another lifetime with even more lessons.

What your soul has decided it wishes to experience will be drawn into your daily life with or without your intervention. Lessons still not finished? The circumstances setting one up will be right in front of you. Practicing spending your time in the now puts you front and center to immediately begin working through the issues you want to understand.

This journey that a soul undertakes is a solo affair. The lessons chosen belong to that soul alone. There is nothing that says you have to be connected or interact with anyone else who may be sharing the planet with you at this time. Even living in the middle of the positive/negative dichotomy, there is no need to partake.

Some comfort zones are areas one enters to not have to deal with their chosen teachings. Your comfort zone is a lesson-free oasis in which you have brought the unconditional love you drew to you through rejecting negativity for an entire life of positive energy.

Relax, enjoy. You are not missing anything you chose to do in this life.

Repeating patterns

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Question: Masters please help me understand why this situation always repeats itself in my life and makes me suffer so much: there always appears someone who seems to like me but suddenly I know that this man has another woman, or he always chooses to stay with another and I always get lonely and feeling very rejected! Why does this happen? Is it any life lesson? Is it karma? What should I learn from this and how should I deal with this painful situation? ~Marina, Portugal

ANSWER: Some of your life lessons include abandonment, rejection, self-guilt and self-loathing. You don’t think you are worthy enough for a sharing, loving relationship, so you draw to you only men who understand you have such low expectations that they can simply come and get a taste of something new before they move on.

As you go through each of these cycles, you don’t learn anything or change your opinion about yourself, so the message you send out to the next man with your energy is the same: “Come and use me; I deserve it.”

Start working on an understanding of who you are as a soul. You are a piece of Source energy: magnificent, all-knowing, all-powerful, and able to manifest your desires. Until you can accept that as your essence, you will not be able to change the image you have of yourself.

Don’t try to learn everything at once. Take each emotional characteristic and see why you feel it describes you. When you understand what your beliefs are, you can change them by an acceptance of your inner power. After you have shed your negative interpretation of life, visualize what life would fulfill you. Believe that you can draw that life to you and, most importantly, that you are entitled to that degree of happiness and love.

Be true to yourself. Never do something or act in a manner you believe someone else wants you to unless it feels exactly what you would do if the choice were yours – because it is. Nothing is predetermined. Everyone creates their own reality. Begin designing and living your desired life.

Knowledge from the past

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters lately I have been exploring meditation. Recently I did a past life meditation and went into a life as a priestess and herbalist at the temple of Delphi, living and working alongside Plutarch. Was this real? If so, what if any is the significance of discovering this now? ~J., UK

ANSWER: Older souls have experienced hundreds of lives. Not all of your past lives would have an impact on the subsequent existences. The reason this life replayed for you now is that you grossly underestimate your abilities. Taking the spiritual expertise for helping others with nonphysical matters, and the medicinal healings accomplished by you while working with herbs in the physical world, you can get a sense of the power you possessed – and it is still part of your essence.

An awareness of your potential was brought forward for you to see that you should always trust you can learn anything and do anything if you put your mind into the action. You are your own worst critic and detractor. Become your cheering section, encouraging success in previously avoided areas.

The priestess you were had stepped completely away from negativity and ego and projected love and understanding. Your connection with the Earth, through your knowledge of herbs, allowed you to find the balancing elements for those having difficulties with physical ailments. You were able to align your energies with the frequency of your clients to reach equilibrium.

What you do with this information is up to you. The minimum we recommend is “feeling” the energy and seeing what resonates with your current body. If you sense you would be of benefit to others as a spiritual adviser, herbalist, or nature healer, and that interests you, then research, explore, apprentice, or watch others in those endeavors – or not. You are in the driver’s seat of your life, no one else.