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Human DNA and soul grops

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’m interested in Soul families and in their links to generational human line DNA, – a great grandmother/grandmother’s passing over, to remain in the soul genetic family, (if they choose), they may pass when another family member is pregnant and soon to give birth? I have heard genetic lines come in and remain as a soul family, vibration /color or ray, and a parent or parents child can be having a relative re-incarnate. Is this pre-agreed, or can they opt to return again soon for the families growth, healing and evolution??  Please explain generational carry on in lineage(s)/DNA. Like carrying all your mothers DNA back to 10 grandmothers?? New age Science says DNA is minor and you can change your DNA and not have same ailments as your ancestors etc? ~Jenna, CANADA

ANSWER: The greatest difficulty in dealing with this area is that “family” is a concept that is not recognized in the spiritual realm except when talking about those souls who have previously spent time together in human form. There is no equivalent in soul groups.

The closest that a soul gets to a type of “family” is the other souls who came into existence (being broken off from Source energy) at the same time and are referred to as their soul group. Each group is composed of 144 souls, only about 12 to 24 of whom consistently choose to inhabit Earth together.

It is extremely rare for a soul to return to the same physical family line because that would limit the type of experiences with which it might be able to engage. Human DNA carries propensities for characteristics and diseases that a soul may wish to experience only once during its education through life lessons.

A soul generally enters into the duality for its own learning process, not as a part of a group/family experiment. Each soul comes for its own journey and for its own reasons. That being said, there are no absolutes in spirituality. Some souls do return to the same physical family because they did not learn everything they wanted to from all the possibilities during their first go-around.

The DNA that has been mapped by the scientific community is only a fraction of the material that is present in a human body. There are actually 12 DNA pairs that are all subject to energetic manipulation. The physical body is subject to receiving various degrees of genetic input from all the ancestors in their direct line. This is, however, unaffected directly by their spiritual experiences. Souls may alter their physical DNA by using powers and abilities derived from their origin as pieces of the Source.

Why not euthanasia?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I don’t understand why humans allow people to suffer when they have a terminal illness. Is there any reason that we should not allow assisted suicide everywhere? I do not see a point in keeping people alive when they want to transition and their quality of life is not good. ~Kathy, USA

ANSWER: You are existing on a planet of dual energies, both negative and positive. Souls come to the surface to experience negativity wrapped around life lessons to see if they realize they have the freedom of choice to change the direction in which their life appears to be going.

The main forces impacting daily life are determined by the ego judgment of society. Depending upon where you have chosen to physically settle, the laws (belief systems) vary. Society may choose to tell you what you can do with your body, or it may leave it completely up to you. The decision to cease the viability of your body may be your choice or mandated by that society.

A spiritual person understands that both the length of their life and the lessons they undertook are in their hands. That would mean they can stop a lesson by withdrawing from it at any time. In most cases this would be by returning Home, or ending that particular physical life so that another may be instigated. The general technique is assisted or self-employed suicide.

Many areas have laws against suicide, mostly stemming from religious beliefs. At one time religions proclaimed suicide to be a sin because you were acting as God by determining the extent of life. Some religions still teach that belief. In ages past, people in authority did not want any of their work forces to be able to take away property and slave labor. Neither of these practices gave any consideration to a soul’s possibly having freedom of choice.

This issue and all other things that encompass one’s life lessons take place in the duality so that one may make their own decisions concerning how and what they seek to understand. Spiritually, there is nothing that affirms or denies a soul’s right to commit suicide. Practically, based on societal laws, there might be: that is when the life lesson brings up freedom of choice and working with situations chosen before incarnating. The choice is always the individual’s to make.

Why is my job affecting me physically?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters when I started to work at my current job I was very happy and excited but now I’m so tired, I know that this is a wonderful experience for me and my evolution. Now I frequently feel tired and sick, I used to be so brave and full of energy… I really want to know what is happening to me, why do I feel so deluded and tired? At the same time I am very happy to discover and learn more and more about the spiritual science where my job is related… Please, I really appreciate your explanations about it. ~CNC, Brazil

ANSWER: First, we would call your attention to the concept of bravery that you brought up. That simply means that at the beginning, you did not worry about what you would be facing or what you would learn. Now, being concerned about the unknown indicates that you are afraid of what you have become involved in.

When fear surfaces, you interact with life in a different way. It takes much more energy to deal with because you are constantly on edge to see what next must be accommodated. You are so wrapped up in anticipation and expectations that you are not aware of the negativity that accompanies some of the clients.

One of the most common dealings in spiritual science is helping a client over an infestation of negative thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Once those negatives are released from the client, they will attach to any positive thing or person who is around and unprotected. Without protecting yourself, you are just standing there offering to harbor this negativity because you have not covered your body in positive, loving light, which would repel these negative energies.

You will feel better if you cleanse your physical body of all the negativity that surrounds you. Then go inside and see what negative sensations and ideas have tried to impact you. Start by sending them away and replacing them with self-love. This should immediately energize you and make you feel stronger.

Begin your day with positive affirmations of how great this position is and the wealth of knowledge it is allowing you. See the unknown as an exciting adventure, not a darkness to fear. Revel in your powers, as a soul, for creativity and manifestation. Make your world into what is perfect for you.