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“Outcasts of society”

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, our spirits are clearly here to seek enlightenment, but what do the outcasts of society learn? The murderers, the pedophiles, the rapists and all the other “predators” of society. Are they here as pain catalysts for the rest of us? How can any spirit plan to experience this, when it causes others so much pain; and themselves to be the pariahs in their soul groups? How do they overcome urges which are as necessary and uncontrollable for them as breathing is to others? What do they learn if they can never be themselves if they wish to learn and evolve? A life of absolute rejection and hatred by their peers! Could this be the ultimate painful experience? ~Warne, New Zealand

ANSWER: Enlightenment must be defined in order to answer your question. Every soul comes into a human body in order to work through the lessons it chose before coming into the duality of Earth. Understanding and gaining the wisdom of a life lesson is a form of enlightenment, but it may not be completely understood until the soul has returned Home.

The term “enlightenment” equates to wisdom – the total acknowledgment of all aspects of a human lesson such as fear, hatred, guilt, abuse, etc. from both the positive and the negative angles. Lessons are all presented in negativity so that the individual may work out the experience and choose either to allow it to continue or to turn it around into a positive experience.

Each journey is a solo trip. No one lets someone else determine what to learn unless it is part of a lesson in self-confidence. To learn about hatred, for instance,  you must first find out what hatred is. You must feel hatred. You must hate others. You must make the choice as to which you want as a part of your reality.

Souls do not consider how their actions are going to affect others. They are not concerned with what others may think. They wish only to accomplish their mission of learning and understanding. Those who have feelings of disdain for contemporaries are working through lessons of judgment and ego thinking. In the spiritual realm, nothing is right or wrong.

Remember: During a human experience, people can be hurt only if they allow the actions of others to harm them. They do this as part of a lesson they, themselves, wish to undertake. Nothing happens by accident, and all is intertwined for the desired lessons of those involved. Evolution is not apparent until the completion of the experiment (life).

Abraham’s teachings

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters how advanced is Abraham’s teachings on manifestation on a scale of 10 (via their channels Esther and Jerry Hicks)? The teachings center around imagining and getting into the vortex where you align your vibration to that which you desire and then what you can will be manifested for you. Is this overly simplistic, hovering on the side of hallucination? What then are the main factors that determine whether a reality we imagine can be actualized in the 3D physical earth? Say if I envision myself looking like Keira Knightly. Will I eventually resemble her physically? ~Ardas, Singapore

ANSWER: You are asking us to make a judgment – something we do not do. There are many channelers on your planet who bring information through from our realm to yours. Some do so on a very general level, for those who are unaware of their own abilities, and some do so to help souls remember who they are and what they can accomplish.

All souls are pieces of Source energy, with the same powers and abilities. The biggest problem for humans is to accept that they have the abilities intrinsic to their essence. You are all-powerful, all–knowing, all-magnificent, and all-creative. Do you accept that you are? Do you believe you can use these abilities to shape your reality to match your desires? Have you begun to use your powers to achieve your dreams? If you have, then you know all these things are possible.

All soul have total freedom of choice to experience that which they desire. The first reason all souls have for incarnating into a body on Earth is to learn specific lessons they feel they would like to work through. Once they have learned the lessons, they may then work to become aware of their true essence and the power that accompanies it.

Faith in yourself and the abilities you possess determines what you bring forth into your reality. No one’s lesson has ever been to come to Earth to mimic the life of another already on the planet. You do have the skill to project an image from your imagination, but that would not bring with it the life experiences of the one whose image you appropriate.

The manifestation process is normally used to provide the environment for souls to learn who they are and the work they can accomplish. This ability can be used only by those who have gained self-worth and self-confidence, while shunning negativity to live in positive, unconditionally loving energy. Work on accomplishing that status and you can do anything.

Current societal happenings

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, could you give us some light about the big refugee problem in Europe. Why is it happening (in spiritual sense)? I’m worried about European people getting restless and there are lots of hints of the same kind of hatred toward refugees which Jews witnessed here during WWII. The negative atmosphere is saddening and somewhat scary. ~Sini, Finland

And similarly:

Masters, I am puzzled and concerned about the upsurge of violence being organized by some followers of the Muslim faith, is this one of the happenings that we can only understand when much time has passed and we have learned lessons from it? ~Vivienne, England

Answer: Many things are occurring on the Earth at this time. People are more aware of them than they have ever been in your history because of the ease of communication. The accuracy of this dissemination varies depending on the reporters and how “sensational” they wish to make the reporting.

The planet is an equal mix of negative and positive energies. There are pockets of awakening and enlightenment cropping up that are almost completely positive in nature. That allows the negative energy to gather in other places and thrive.

The patches of negative energy are held together by groups of people who see themselves either as saviors of the world (or at least their belief systems) or as proponents of salvation for the planet. There are also those who feel they have been persecuted and seek revenge for their people, their nation, or their religion.

The movement of those who find they can no longer live in their former homeland, because it is not safe for them to do so, will continue as long as there are those who force their beliefs on others. Some of the dissidents find it easy to hide among these refugees and relocate to areas they wish to disrupt.

This is a recurring cycle upon the planet. After every war, ideologists have taken advantage of the chaos. In each of the aforementioned groups are souls who have chosen to experience the various roles the current conditions allow. You may get caught up in the third-dimensional panic of the situation or become an observer. Witness what is happening and send out the intention that each soul experiences what it needs for its soul journey.