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Feelings for the departed

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Master I lost my biological father last year and he never acted like he loved me even once. Before he passed out to the spirit world I did all his toiletry work in good heart. He never said any word of encouragement to me and I want to know why? Why did he treat me bad? Even when he knows he is responsible for my chronic bronchitis and I just can’t forget about it? I am not happy with my late father. ~Lucky, Nigeria

ANSWER: You have just listed a number of the life lessons you chose for this incarnation. You wanted to deal with various types of love, betrayal, lack of self-worth, the need to be needed and recognized for who you are, being able to forgive yourself and others, and the fact that each soul makes its own choices.

Your father was a man who in this life feared everyone and everything. He put up a front of being in charge but aloof from those around him. This prevented others from engaging him in conversation that he felt would show his fear. He also feared your self-confidence and forthrightness. He stood behind the wall of fatherhood to assume a place of superiority and control.

Your father did not know how to carry on a conversation with others, particularly those he thought were better than he. He felt if he seemed to ignore people that they would just leave him alone. This was one of his first lives in human form and he was working on very simple lessons of fear, insecurity, and lack of love.

He did not know how to be a father so he stepped away the role and just watched from afar. His soul did not intentionally hurt you but did allow you to experience the lessons you had chosen. You felt his inability to love, and your choice was: to hate him for it, to know it was his lesson alone, or to explore what love was. In seeing love as the energy that exists for all in nonphysical form, and to which all return when they leave their body, you could love both yourself and his soul for choosing this uncomfortable Earth task.

You still have to work on understanding your lessons of forgiveness – to him for the human way he acted, and to yourself for holding on to this negativity for so long. Your sense of betrayal was just his not working on his life lessons, giving you a sense of being insignificant and unworthy. You know that is not true, and those feelings will recede as soon as you let go of the identification with them.

Dealing with messages and intuition

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, My fiancé and I were recently involved in a serious rollover car accident while moving. It was very scary, and we are lucky to be alive. Prior to the accident, he had several dreams that seemed to be warnings of some kind. I was having an intuitive feeling that it was not the right time for us to move, but instead of paying attention to that feeling, I did not listen. Since the accident, I have felt a little lost, confused, and guilty for not honoring my intuition, even though I know feeling guilty is not constructive. On top of this, despite efforts to remain positive, he and I have been arguing frequently and I am feeling sad. Masters, do you have any guidance for me at this time? Was this accident a challenging lesson in trusting my intuition? ~Alison, United States

ANSWER: All lessons you experience are to gather knowledge about life and yourself. Nothing is truly right or wrong – it is merely to help you determine how you will handle the next exercise and whether you need to repeat the event again. This series of events, his and yours, were all about having faith in yourself and knowing that you are more than just your physical body.

You are both going through a period of self-doubt since you recognize that you ignored the forewarnings you both received. Each of you is feeling a little guilty for placing the other in harm’s way. These doubts are signposts of lessons still unattended to. Lessons always are presented in negativity so your choice is to remain there or to move everything into the positive energy. Sadness, despair, depression, and guilt are the base emotions that will remain present at this time until you choose others, hopefully in the positive energy of hope and love.

One of the main, in-your-face situations here is that you need to live in the moment, being always aware of what is immediately around you. Don’t relive the accident, or try to see what you could have done differently. Be in the here and now and interact with the present. You can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, but you can work with the present, choosing how to move forward.

Communication without assessing blame or fault is very important at this time to maintain your relationship. You each must decide to start from this day forward with the rest of your life.

Capturing energy

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend with whom I have a special connection. We are both women, and there’s no sexual energy. When we meet each other, it feels immediately like we are in a hurricane or something, and we get VERY inspired and deep about everything, and understand each other perfectly. When I’m with her, everything becomes very clear and light for both of us and we inspire each other, but afterwards I might feel like it was a dream. I would like to know what the meaning of this is; it is so very different from any other relationship or friendship ever. How can I bring this clarity and inspiration to my life without her? ~Maarit,  Finland

ANSWER: This woman is a very close member of your soul group. You have spent a lot of lifetimes together on Earth and have additional times when one or the other of you has acted as a spirit guide for the one who chose to incarnate. When you are with each other, that level of energy you are capable of attaining comes to you automatically and you are in another dimension.

This has nothing to do with your physical human bodies but only with the shared essence of your souls. Both of you, as is true for all souls, are pieces of Source energy, and you may use that energy to be all-powerful, magnificent, knowing, and creative. To bring those energies into your awareness without their being triggered by the presence of your friend, you must go through the steps of awareness.

All souls come to Earth with the purpose of knowing who they really are and what their abilities and powers can afford them. You have to first accept that you contain the energy of Source within. Next, you must believe that you can use that energy at will. Next, you go from believing in it to knowing you can use the energy. You then begin to use the abilities you know you have to accomplish what you desire. Finally, you will become that energy and be able to do whatever it is you wish without having to be in the presence of your soul mate.

Faith in yourself, knowing you can manifest and create, and the confidence in yourself to move forward is the solution you seek. The ability is always within you. Connect with it and then use your intention to put it into play.