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Dealing with sexual abuse

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I think I chose to experience sexual abuse when I was very young. I’m now in my twenties and fear having children. I experience anxiety and fear, and want guidance on why I chose this lesson at such a young age and how to heal myself. It happened before I could remember all the details, although I’ve been told a few times. The perpetrator, a family member, is still in my life. ~Catherine, United States

ANSWER: Your fear originates from the stories that have been told to you and your imaginings of what happened, since your memory is not intact. The ideas are even worse than the actual facts. Those who have told you about the events have dramatized the situation, giving it more “evil” disruptive energy.

Most of what you read into your experience is the fear, anger, and disgust of the well-meaning “historians.” This is further embellished by what you have seen on media reports and television stories about child abuse. Yes, you were sexually abused. You did not cause it to occur. A sick mind was behind what happened. Seeing that person on occasion has prevented you from being able to step back and examine your feelings.

This was a lesson you decided to have to see how long it would take you to understand that this was not your fault and that you have the strength to work through the negativity that you sense around the fear of letting a child of yours be a victim in the future. You don’t want anyone else to have to experience what you went through, particularly not a progeny of yours; so, you reason, no children = no continued abuse.

You can remove the impact of this abuse by reliving the events either under hypnosis or in deep meditation. Confronting the abuser’s higher self, or soul, without having to face the person physically, will allow you to deal with the emotions you harbor within. Talk to this unconscious self and see if you can understand the person’s motivation and can release the fear you have concerning the abuse. Not facing this energy will allow it to remain a barricade against a normal adulthood.

Your self-worth and confidence are being impacted by permitting this fear to remain without dealing with it. The abuse occurred while you were so young so that you could recognize it and deal with it and still have a happy, productive adulthood and family.

Energy contact

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters last night I was woken by a tapping feeling on my shoulder, which became a powerful energy pulsing of my whole body, lasting a couple of minutes. I was frightened, thinking it was a psychic attack; but now suspect it was an energy attunement. Could you please explain what happened? ~Angie, Australia

ANSWER: There are a lot of energy shiftings occurring at this time around the globe. People who are working toward enlightenment of their true essence of unconditional love sense each shift as it happens. Barriers, which have existed so that physical beings have not been able to perceive or make contact with nonphysical beings, are coming down.

As each obstruction is removed, sensitive people are able to feel their connection to the universal energy. To some, this is referred to as an attunement to the new dimensional energy. It is nothing more than the body learning to resonate with a different vibration. Once a connection has been made and accepted, the soul is then able to connect at will within the expanded energy. Out of fear, some souls reject the possibility of contact with nonphysical beings.

You sensed the lowering of yet another barricade. You could have assured yourself it was not a psychic attack had you reached out and felt that it was completely positive, with no negativity around at all. What you do with this new expanded conscious field is up to you. This will permit connecting more easily with guides and communicating with other nonphysicals.

Going all the way into higher and purer vibrations allows you to develop psychic powers and reach into your akashic records to retrieve wisdom from your past lives. You will have to build up a tolerance for the higher vibration and practice exercising within it. Be patient and persistent if you seek this ability.

Difficulties in marriage

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have strong suspicions about my man is having affairs on his trips away from home, and this brings old hidden emotions to my mind, meaning jealousy and insecurity, even anger… I’m trying to turn it to the positive and concentrate on all the possible beautiful lessons, but so much confuses me. How should I handle this all? I really enjoy our time together and would like to feel us having a solid connection also outside physical behavior, but to my opinion he should be straighter forward of his real desires. Am I asking too much, or maybe too little? ~Manta, Finland

ANSWER: You have very little faith in your own abilities to hold on to a good man. You are imagining all kinds of reasons for your man not to honor you, such as betraying you by cheating on you when he is away. He has not yet done so. But he can sense all this doubt and negativity you are projecting, which is creating a wedge between you. You are even making him unconsciously think you want him to, or are giving him permission to, have affairs.

Stop sending all this anxiety from within you to blast him with uncertainty. Examine why you are jealous, insecure, and angry. You have allowed yourself to be treated this way in the past, but you can stop it by no longer letting these types of emotions into your life. You need to see yourself as strong, confident, and self-reliant.

Communication is the easiest way to clear all these doubts from you. Talk to him. Tell him your fears, your wants, and your desires. Make sure he is in tune with you and wants to share all that he is with you. Openly sharing yourself makes you vulnerable, but it is the only way to establish a firm connection with someone.

Don’t hide your insecurities from him. Join together to deal with your problems – the real and the imagined. It takes work to create a wonderful, fulfilling relationship. How badly do you really want one?