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Home and Earth issues and concepts

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters you say there is no karma, punishment or grace. I understand this is true at the soul, heaven or source level. But is this true at the earth and human being level? Do the rules change when we enter earth and a human existence? Are there two different sets of rules? Around the world religions, gurus, teachers and preachers talk about these things. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: There are two different types of existence. The universe/nonphysical world/Home is a singularity of nothing but unconditional love, with no negativity allowing for any kind of judgment, punishment, or retribution. Once a soul enters into a body on planet Earth, it has entered a duality where negativity and positive energy are equally split. Judgment rules the ego society where everything is judged, rated, and graded.

When souls wish to learn about their nature, they do it in the cauldron of duality where freedom of choice lets them decide how to deal with and learn from the situations they have set into play. In order to make a choice, they must have choices from which to pick, which can only occur where negativity exists – i.e., on Earth.

Even on Earth in the midst of the duality, there are people who can live by their spiritual aspect, acknowledging their essence of unconditional love. They do not judge, seek punishment, or insist on retribution for past acts. They have risen to an understanding of why they came into a body, have completed their lessons, and are then witnessing the rest of society to decide if there is anything more in which they wish to participate.

People create a reality for themselves by adopting belief systems that they use to decide how to live their lives. These become their rules of behavior and are frequently set up through the influence of religious organizations that dictate what they think others should believe.

When people explore a spiritual group, they usually try out the beliefs of that organization. Some teachers, gurus, and angelic communicators insist that their beliefs are the only way to salvation, ascension, or redemption. Those whose teachings include judgment and scares of enforced punishments for past deeds are not existing in unconditional love.

Take everything that is presented, even from us, and see how it feels to your inner wisdom. If it resonates, accept it into your beliefs; if it abrades, walk away from it.


Working with life lessons

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I have allergy problems, respiratory, skin problems, that always affected my life, especially socially and how I relate with people in this context. I have tried in various ways to solve this condition and more recently with a spiritual development. This problem is part of a soul contract that I’ve made to live in this incarnation and therefore, no matter how hard I try to solve, I have instead to do an acceptance work because there will always be a part of one of my lessons? Or am I not doing what it should in internal terms and this problems work as a warning that somehow I’m not doing what I committed before coming? If possible, can also confirm that some of my life lessons have to do with self-confidence, guilt, shame, fear of failure? ~J.F., Portugal

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]


ANSWER: Your life is about acceptance of yourself and others, and being able to love yourself even when the world seems to be against you. You chose to be affected with ailments that make you stand out in society. How you handle people’s reactions to you is a major lesson. This brings up issues of self-worth, self-confidence, shame, fear, and anger.

You are very concerned about what others think and say. You even imagine negative reactions to you coming from others when they have not said anything overt to you. This arises from thinking you are inferior due to your conditions. What people think or say cannot hurt you unless you let it. Assigning negative reactions to people when you really have no idea what they are thinking or saying is projecting your unhappiness and condemnation onto them. Learning to love yourself will prevent this from occurring.

When you can love yourself for being a terrific soul who has come down here to deal with unpleasant situations, you will find you are not as affected by the thoughts of other people. You are on the path you chose before incarnating and are drawing to yourself those things you wished to experience.

Step away from judging your life against those of others. See only that you are doing a fantastic job of living your life, and it will get better as you push away the negativity. Work on creating affirmations of the courage and success that are coming your way as you get more comfortable with yourself.

Asking “how I feel” in situations

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters is it fair to keep a marriage if you can’t define if it is love that I feel? I’ve been married for 5 years, we are from different nationalities and culture. I feel how much I’ve changed since I’m with him. I was a very passionate person, nowadays I’m more distant and cold as him. I like to be with him, spend nice time together, but I don’t feel really attracted to him, I don’t feel a need of having sex for instance. What can be learned from this? ~Luciana, Finland

Answer: It is time to be honest with yourself. You do not feel comfortable in this relationship most of the time. You stick around because occasionally you enjoy how he behaves toward you. Love is sharing yourself and all your energy with your partner, and your partner doing the same. You cannot make him love you. He treats you as a possession rather than as a cherished mate.

Because of those around you, you felt you would not be complete as a person until you got married. Along came someone who showed you interest even though it was not what you envisioned, but others said he would make a good husband so you got married. Before you wed, you never really got to know enough about him to realize that he was a cold and distant person.

You can remain with him if you wish, but ask yourself if you see any future improvement in the way he is behaving. You have freedom of choice to remove yourself from this loveless union and find someone who will cherish you and share his hopes and dreams with you. There is nothing wrong with deciding that you are in a situation where you are not happy and cannot see yourself becoming content in the future.

Whenever you have to change your personality to be with another, and it is not a change you enjoy, think about moving on. It is time to honor yourself. Love yourself enough to see that this relationship is dragging you down, and do something about it.