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Aftermath of suicide

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters my beloved husband of 23 years recently committed suicide. I believe he was my soulmate. As part of my healing, I have consulted several psychics; one of whom is adamant that he was not my soulmate because if he were, he would never have killed himself. She also considers his suicide a self-serving and selfish act. In his letter to me, he acknowledges that he knew how excruciatingly painful his departure would be for me. He also wishes that I might someday find joy in my life and even have love again. Since the moment of his departure, I have tried to come from a place of love, peace and acceptance. Now I am confused and even angry at him. Masters, can you please enlighten me as to whether or not he was my soulmate as I believe and perhaps help me to better understand the root cause of his choice? ~Karen, United States

ANSWER: What has been told to you about your husband has been delivered in the egotistical, judgmental realm of the third dimension. A soul performs all of its activities in the nonjudgmental arena of unconditional love, with the goal of learning lessons and evaluating the knowledge gained therefrom. The energy the psychic picked up is that surrounding the human making its decision in the body, not the essence of the soul fulfilling its spiritual journey.

Your husband  is a soul mate of yours with whom you planned many of the events the two of you shared on this planet, including his transition. He had fulfilled and learned the lessons he desired and wished to go Home. You have had several different lives together.

Prior to incarnating, you had talked about his leaving before you and that it was a needed step for you to grow more fully. Together you lived the life of a bonded couple with joint goals. You now enter a period of taking sole responsibility for the future. This event has allowed / forced you to explore your inner peace and direction. Continue to depend on your intuition, which is quite acute.

Your husband is watching over you and trying to send you hints as to possible directions you can pursue. Your strength is blossoming and will take you where and how you need to go. Don’t forget to love yourself – and this aspect of the journey you are now on.

You have the powers to manifest and create a world in which to explore where you have not gone before. Think it, imagine it, wish it, and then bring it to life.

Being challenged

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I have been hearing impaired since my fourteenth year and never truly energetic. This makes me feel I cannot make full use of my abilities to enrich my own life and that of others. Recently there seems to something wrong with my kidneys as well, yet I do not feel unhealthy or unhappy. I suspect something deeper is dragging me down, but I do not know what it is. Can you shine light on this? ~Duke, New Zealand

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You have planned a very interesting lifetime this time around. This diminished hearing was for you to experiment with increasing your sensitivity to the other senses and your spiritual essence. Fighting the deficit proved disastrous to sustaining your trip through life. Once you stepped back and allowed things to happen around you, all became clearer and more balanced.

You are more than using all your abilities; it is just that your expectations are that you will have the same results as other humans who communicate differently with the world. Your form of contact with nature and other humans is through feelings and vibrations. This is a more tactile use of the entire body than merely exercising the ears.

Having mastered one physical problem, you decided to see about adding more interest to your life. You have the ability to curtail this development or see how it affects the rest of your system. Your strength is incredible but based on a spiritual, not physical, level. Use your intuition to filter and create the life you desire.

What is affecting your sense of self – dragging you down, as you say – is the need to have some control over your life. The only experience you have had with physical control is what you observe around you. This type of manipulation does not work on the soul lessons you chose before coming. Your interpretation of needed experiences, controlled by your intention, will direct future events.

Love yourself for the experiences you have chosen and the fantastic way you are dealing with them and learning from them. Continue to take heed of the strength within and the understanding you glean from each day of your life. You have freedom of choice to go in any direction you wish to explore. Have a great journey.

Lover and a comfort zone

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I am married for many, many years but have had an affair also for a very long time, 25 years in fact. My husband knows about it and actively encourages us. My lover is also married but unhappily so. Please could you tell me if this scenario is something that we three agreed upon before coming here? Is my lover my soul mate? I feel such a connection with him and we just cannot end our affair. I am happy with my husband the majority of the time, but he is quite controlling. Will I ever spend a life with my lover, just the two of us? ~Joyce, England

ANSWER: All souls have total freedom of choice to choose the situations that create their human experience. Each of you is dealing with your chosen life lessons in different ways. Some of these interconnected activities were discussed before coming to Earth, but just in the way they would allow one to learn something to increase wisdom.

You needed to have a life of examining the various aspects and types of physical love – to see what was for show to other humans and what was fulfilling the soul’s desire for using the physical body’s nervous, skeletal-muscular, emotional, and mental abilities. Outside of the physical body’s animalistic urges to experience orgasms is the psychological and emotional impact these activities with various people have on the one sharing multiple experiences.

Your husband has found many other physical activities that allow him to feel in charge of his area of the world. He wants to preserve the image of having a loving, obedient wife at his beck and call, taking care of him and his wants. He doesn’t want you to leave him, so the fact that your lover is married makes him feel safe in maintaining his “happy home” for the entire world to see. For him it is all about control and the perception he feels the world has of him and his strengths.

Your lover is a soul mate you are assisting to make decisions about his life. You are, however, also facilitating him in not facing the challenges of his home life. He is being forced into remaining with his wife because she desires it. He has a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. You are a safe harbor for him where he feels cherished and appreciated. He does not want to leave his wife because he would then have to take full responsibility for that decision. If things stay as they are, the womenfolk – you and the wife – make all the decisions and he is free to go along for the ride.

What happens in the future is up to each of you and the decisions you choose. Nothing is right or wrong in the realm of spiritual learning. The choices are all up to you.