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The Oneness Movement

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters my question is about the Oneness movement. (don´t mention the name, if that prevents you from answering) What is it? How can one know what is good for them and what isn´t if you don´t want to be afraid of everything? ~S, Finland

ANSWER: The term Oneness has been used for centuries to refer to various belief systems, descriptive definitions, and religious ideologies. You can find the term in many New Age writings as an apparent indication that all humans are the same. This is a reference to the fact that all humans are, first and foremost, souls, all of which were broken off from one place – Source.

You can find the concept used to indicate a unity, a togetherness, a singular point of view. In the religious setting it generally refers to a solitary source of power rather than the trinity that many Christian philosophies teach. To others it is a search, a hopefulness that all people will feel a unity and join together in a common goal of oneness or sameness.

The belief system purports to do away with the duality and judgment of Earth and bring about peaceful, unconditional love as is found at Home. The difficulty encountered in Earth-based movements lies with the egos of the ones administering or dictating the particular dynamics of the organizations. When they suggest to the world that their way is the only way to live, they force judgment upon the rest of the humans approached by them. This thrusts the decision process to join or not to join into a positive vs. negative-appearing decision battle.

All souls have freedom of choice and should use that ability to find the best way for them to spend their time on Earth. All humans look for guidance from others. Some go so far as to shun responsibility for making decisions and assign that right or power to others. This prevents the spiritual growth that brought the souls to Earth in the first place.

Your life lessons appear to you as doubts and fears in daily life. If you shy away from anything you do not completely understand, you never learn anything. The journey of your soul includes opening up the doors that hid things away from you. The universe will present to you the things you need to experience in order to fulfill the desires you had before coming.

Always ask yourself how you feel about something before making a decision; this brings in your unconscious higher self to assist in the learning process. Understanding what you fear makes you stronger and more knowledgeable.

Lifetime religious beliefs and the afterlife

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I had a great great aunt who was a very, generous, giving, and loving person who provided a sanctuary for me in my childhood from my troubles. She fixed me goodies and would buy me gifts as her pension allowed. She was also a religious Baptist. My question is: Since she was religious, did she have a hard time adjusting when she crossed since the afterlife was probably not what she expected? Also is she still watching over me, aware of my troubles I currently have? I also hope she realizes the positive role she played in my life and how much I appreciated it. ~Matt, USA

ANSWER: Organized religions are one of the ways that humans use to decide how to live their lives. There are those who belong to a church for guidance and a sense of protection so that they do not have to make any decisions themselves; they allow the church to dictate their every thought and move and to make all of their choices for them. These people never realize they have freedom of choice about every aspect of their life.

Then there are the people brought up in a religion and the congregation becomes their family. They maintain membership so they have a group with which to socialize, causes to spend time on, and scheduled interaction with others. They will never feel alone as long as they belong to the group.

Your aunt had a need to be needed and to be a part of something, and the church provided that for her. She parroted back the doctrine and beliefs but didn’t spend too much time on whether she fully adhered to the principles. She tried to live in positivity and shun any negativity that would lead to disputes and anger. She liked the path of least resistance.

When she transitioned, her last thoughts – compliments of her friends – were of pearly gates and a smiling God to welcome her home. She had no fears of a negative judgment because of the way she had lived her life. She found Home to be unconditional love with no judgment, and plenty of other friends and relatives were present to help her remember about her essence as a piece of Source and to go over and appreciate the lessons she accomplished during her life. Her prior religion had been based on judgment and she found none here, so it ceased to have any effect on her.

She watches and visits you. She is aware of your life and what has had an impact on you and wishes you would believe in yourself more and follow your intuition – the little voice that gives you advice. She wants you to know you can always talk to her for comfort.

Individual souls and collective knowledge

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters given that physical life is full of sadness and cruelty and negatives at many times, and the human population keeps growing and has for thousands of years, when will Source decide that it knows enough about itself to cease sending more souls into the physical plane? ~Matt, England

ANSWER: Physical life, at least on planet Earth, is lived in a duality of negative and positive energies so that souls may exercise their freedom of choice. It was created for souls to help the collective consciousness understand all the possible and potential aspects of a physical life.

Source does not send souls onto the physical plane. The decision to enter into a human body is solely that of each individual soul who does so. All have total freedom of choice and no demands or dictates interfere.

Souls are pieces of Source broken off so that Source could learn what it was not, but once a soul is individualized it makes its own decisions. The choice to return to Earth after once experiencing the phenomenon is made because that particular soul wishes to have a different experience from what it has already gone through. It may not have felt satisfied with the initial lifetime or may have wanted to change some aspects to see what the difference felt like.

Any soul who feels it has had enough of the negativity of Earth merely refrains from going back and occupies itself in some other way. As long as souls want to learn through experiencing the use of freedom of choice, Earth will continue to exist and they will continue to go there.