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Polar shift

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Question: Masters I’ve read in several books recently that were written in the late 20th century all saying, in some fashion the Earth was going to shift on its axis around the turn of the century, 2000, as it has done many times before, historically. Thus, all records of civilization will predictably be wiped out. Here we are 15 years later and it hasn’t happened. Is that because we are beginning to humbly seek redemption in the eyes of our Creator (the Source) in the way we treat Mother Earth as to see fit to lend us grace and therefore cancel the polarity flip? Or…was the prediction wrong or has it yet to occur? In other words, have enough people become enlightened enough to enable a reversal of the axis shift? Does the law of grace supersede the law of karma? ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: A polar shift has happened a number of times in the past. The poles have been shifting slowly for some time, so much so that airport runway numberings, which are based on compass headings, have had to be changed to reflect the correct compass reading. When the shift reached around 15 percent, a number of groups of energy workers began holding the shift in check and attempting to push it back.

The impact of a polar shift, which in the past has taken about three Earth days to complete, is an interference with all electrical currents. This would first affect all electromagnetic currents and then, if humans are exposed, brain waves. If people are in certain locations on the planet that less vulnerable, or if they are deep enough in the ground, they would not be affected.

Based on the impact of the movement of the other planets in the solar system, the tendency of the Earth is to lean toward a shift, since the planet is slightly off balance and in an elliptical rotation. This is energetic in nature so it is amenable to the intention of souls. The future will depend on the work of those beings on the surface.

The occupants of the planet are all souls who are pieces of Source and determine their own futures. Source energy is nonjudgmental, existing in unconditional love where there is no negativity – hence nothing that the duality of Earth ego would see as redemption.

The “law of Grace,” receiving a reward from a God, does not exist since Source will not interfere with the soul’s freedom of choice. There is no karma because that implies a punishment, and negativity exists only on Earth.

Justifying the past

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I’ve never had much of a career. Lately I’ve been wondering whether one reason for this isn’t that high-ranking people at work seem to dislike me. I get along well with other colleagues and some of them become my friends. Is there a lesson to be learned for me in this? My boyfriend died some 10 months ago. Our relationship was exhausting but I believe we loved each other very much. I’ve had a feeling that he has already reincarnated. Is this just my imagination? Did things between us go as “planned”? Will our paths cross again? ~Maritta, Finland

ANSWER: You are a fantastic saboteur. You have convinced yourself that you are being victimized by others because you have no confidence in your abilities or yourself. You also project your fears and sense of anxiety onto others, such as your superiors. Any bad feelings held by bosses are being reflected by you to them, and they are just picking up on your energy.

Love should never be exhausting. Trying to bend yourself to the wishes of another is. If you cannot say with absolute certainty that you loved your boyfriend, then you did not. You take all of your clues as to how to behave and what to feel from those around you. You do not want to have to make decisions or take responsibility for what happens to you. You seek others to tell you what to do.

Your boyfriend has not reincarnated yet. You want him to be in your life because he took care of telling you what your choices in life should be. You have a tremendous need to be needed and loved. You thought what he did for you was love. He used you for his needs but gave little to you.

Every soul has total freedom of choice. One of the life lessons you chose before coming to Earth was to be in situations where you could learn about love and taking responsibility for your life. There was no determination as to how that should take place. You are getting the choice to make these decisions, so you could say your life is going as planned.

Your future is up to you. Stop doing things just because someone is telling you to do them. Don’t do anything until you ask yourself whether it is something you feel like doing. Make your own choices based on your inner feelings. Search for the self-love within you.

Life and change

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters here in Brazil, things are not going well, the economy is bad, we are afraid that communism/socialism arrive and remove the freedom of the population, the medical profession is under attack, and I am worried as a future doctor. Is the best option to go to live in a developed country? If I decide to go, I will succeed? I will be happy? I will be able to exercise our profession and have a good salary? I will have success as a doctor in other country? What do I need to go? I have not done anything for fear of the unknown, fear of not doing the right thing, fear of being alone forever without a partner in distant lands. Please give me some advice. ~Thais, Brazil

ANSWER: The only thing that is certain to occur on planet Earth is change. The more people who are involved in the decision-making process that will have an impact on your life, the more variables are introduced, and the probability of telling you what is going to happen in your future is meaningless.

We could tell you what your future will be like, but we can only do it based upon the decisions you and everyone else have chosen up to this time. If you change a single, albeit insignificant, option in your plan, you make your future different. The choices of each person you are going to come into contact with, or those who will have an input into your future, will result in a different outcome for each change.

Since there are an infinite number of decisions that could change your future, there is no way there is certainty in it. If you will not do anything without knowing what the future will bring, you might as well bury your feet in cement and watch the world go by.

Souls are pieces of Source and have the powers and abilities of Source to manifest what they want to occur. If you put yourself into the flow of the universe, you can direct where you are carried by the workings of others. If you think it is possible to control the choices of others, you are kidding yourself.

To be successful in life, you have to have faith and confidence in yourself to bring you where you want to be. If you don’t make your own decisions based on the feelings you have inside, you are at the mercy of others.

Fear is the indication that a life lesson is in front of you. Hiding from it or ignoring it will stop you from moving forward. You can only see what is present in this moment. If you do not feel it is the right place for you, you can move. If you want a job or a mate, put your intention to work creating and bringing that energy to you.