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Is ex a soul mate?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, is the father of my children, from whom I’m now divorced and with a woman, in my soul group? The reason I ask is because you say in Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Winninger’s book, “Exploring Reincarnation” that we often choose our soul mates to have negative experiences with. I can’t believe he and I are from the same area or group on the Other Side as I see him as very dark and myself as light!! However, at the same time the experience I had with him was so negative I couldn’t imagine entrusting an unknown soul to experience the hell we went through together. I may not have survived to experience it. Please tell me! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: He is a member of your soul group. Who else would you trust with such an intense job? When you are both back at Home you will reunite as unconditionally loving pals. There is no negativity on the Other Side, only a rehashing of what you were able to allow others to experience – per their request, of course.

Once souls enter into the Earth plane, they are completely in the influence of the duality with all its negativity. Your ex portrayed the ultimate negative, horrid person who helped you to understand that you did not have to endure his actions and that you no longer would permit him to dictate to you. With this individual you were able to recognize your power and strength. Without his assistance you would not be able to be aware of your abilities to take care of yourself and your children.

You are still holding on to your hatred of his portrayal in this life. Forgive yourself for staying so long in the dysfunctional marriage – you still blame part of your distress on the abuse you didn’t recognize but continued to endure. Accept that he played a part you had signed up for, thank him for his great acting, love yourself for being able to let all the hurt go, and create a fantastic life for the rest of this incarnation. You owe it to yourself.

You can never relive a portion of your life and make any changes. Once it is past, it can only be used as an example of what you wish to try again or never do again. Living in the present, in each moment as it occurs, allows you to see what your choices are and immediately create that which you desire. Don’t spend time worrying about the future because you can’t influence it unless you are the only person involved. Each additional party is another possible change that can happen before the future arrives.

Always be aware of the things around you; that gives you the freedom to choose what will affect you.

Too many abilities

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I feel pulled in so many directions! I have been blessed with so many creative talents, for which I am eternally grateful but it seems to overwhelm me in the sense that I don’t know how to make up my mind about which talent to choose from the one best suited for my personality, that would serve my soul in order to create and express myself in a manner that would reap joyful and prosperous benefits, that serves not only myself, but the world, the universe as a whole. I’ve been frozen at this fork in the road and I need your guidance. From my heart, mind and soul, I am forever grateful for your communicating this LOUD and CLEAR to Toni. Warm hugs to all involved. ~Dina, Canada

ANSWER: Stop over-analyzing your situation and get moving. This aspect of your life is all about you. What do you want to do? What would make you happy? You have no responsibility for anyone else, so you don’t have to consider others in your future unless you feel compelled to do so. No one can tell you what will make you happy because you are the driver of the bus of life and determine its direction. Also, don’t be concerned about what others think or suggest; they don’t know your life as well as you.

The fact that you are so talented doesn’t mean you have to attempt to do everything. You are getting an idea of things that you have succeeded in during past lives. You can redo something or choose something totally different. You don’t have to choose just one thing, either. There is no right or wrong direction for you, and you can start with one ability and then move on to another whenever you desire.

Since you are having difficulty choosing a direction, start by making a list where you record all of the abilities you possess. Second, rate them as to which have the most appeal to you at this time. Feel if the talent that rates highest would fulfill your happiness quotient. If so, give it a whirl. After you begin, if it doesn’t take care of all your needs, try number two on the list.

Stop taking everything so seriously; as the cartoon says, you won’t get out of it alive. Live for yourself, not for others. Trust the universe to provide all that you need and bring the experiences that allow you to grow.

Negative entity on board

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been in therapy for two years but not a regular one… the therapist was a mystic person, he said he was an holistic therapist, several things happened while I was in therapy. I began to feel very strange and I still feel this electric chain (kind of a strong vibration) in my left feet and all over my body. I am feeling very bad since I decided not to go there anymore. What this experience meant? What can I do to feel free of these symptoms? And also I began a relation with an old school friend, we love each other but since the beginning I have this intuition that we should not be together. Is this relation related with something with this therapy? This all happened in the last 5 years. I am in pain, very confuse since that and needing help. I thank you already. ~Maria, Brazil

ANSWER: Your “therapist” communes with negative spirits and has helped one attach itself to you. The vibrations you are feeling, the depression, and the negative thoughts about your school friend are all coming from this entity. It is also trying to get you to go back to the therapist because they share negativity together.

If you want to recover your own life, it will be necessary to rid your body of this bad influence. Do not go to the therapist who assisted it into you. Find a psychic healer who will be able to help you remove the negativity. Blasting it with massive amounts of unconditional love, with the admonishment to leave and go into the light, should do the trick.

See yourself being washed by a waterfall of the brightest white light. Take a bath with sea salt, vinegar, and baking soda, or a shower while rubbing your skin with sea salt. Burn sage, or other incense, in your home because negative spirits do not like the smell. They also do not like candle flames. Ask your guides to infuse you with unconditional love to chase away the negativity.

When the discarnate is gone, be sure to fill its space with the unconditional love of Source.