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Thinking vs. feeling

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, there is a discrepancy between what I feel with my heart and my reason. In my love affair my heart tells me to stay, but not my rationality. Do I have to separate from the man that I love for his love to turn back? Recently “someone” told me that I have a priestess inside me and I need to develop. Will be through Umbanda sessions that this will happen? Is this the way for my spiritual development? ~Helena, Portugal

ANSWER: You are experiencing the third-dimensional duality in which you have input from all those around you, as well as all the beliefs that were implanted in you as you grew, plus your recognition that you have freedom of choice to do as you choose. The process of awareness comes to people when they start taking responsibility for their own decisions and not relying on others.

All your life you  have been given rules and regulations about how to behave. In the beginning, you thought you had no choice but to do what you were told. Your rationality is dependent upon what others have said; that information is in the thinking part of your head, and it does not take into consideration the way you feel about things.

Your feelings come from you alone and the wisdom you have gathered along the way in this life and others. That information also includes the life lessons you came to experience and the methods by which you may fulfill your desires. The choice is completely up to you. Start by asking yourself why you feel the way you do about leaving, and then why you feel the way you do about staying.

You do not have to do anything that you do not feel is right for you. All souls have higher energies within that they may not be using – but then, maybe they don’t need to use them in this lifetime. Always refer to your inner feelings for the right direction, not someone else’s opinions. Do not let someone direct you where you do not feel comfortable.

Umbanda is a religion whose leaders are attempting to get you to see things their way. If this feels good, do it. There is no one way to reach enlightenment. Your soul will direct you in appropriate ways. Always see if what is being told to you resonates within. If you sense something doesn’t feel right, walk away from it.

Letting others control you

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, throughout the years, whenever there was a problem with my husband’s daughter his family made me the scapegoat. Even when the truth was revealed, they would never apologize to me for their cruel accusations. Today my husband and his daughter are estranged from each other. Why won’t she speak to him? What happened? Did someone in the family taint her thinking towards us? If so, who? ~Diane, US

ANSWER: Your stepdaughter did not like you taking the place of her mother. She had the family thinking that she was being psychologically abused by you and your relationship with her father because you did not let her make decisions about things she wanted. It was easy for the family to make you a scapegoat, because accusing your husband only further antagonized his daughter. She has always been a very needy, manipulative, spoiled brat.

This is a lesson for you not to give credibility to the accusations of others when you know they are wrong. You are giving much too much weight to the significance of these people. Relax and consider the source: they are not reliable, friendly, or people you would want to spend a lot of time with, so learn to ignore them. They are never going to apologize for what they have said and done because they will never admit wrongdoing.

A lesson from this is to realize that you are here living your own life. You cannot change the way other people think or feel unless they consent to a change, so stop wasting your time. Love the fact that you can ignore their petty, hateful ways, because it is something they have to experience but you don’t have to take part in. Be yourself and forget about them; giving too much attention to them prevents you from making your own decisions and progress. Choose to be happy.

Your husband finally realized what his daughter was doing and how she was playing other family members against you. He is ashamed for not seeing it earlier. He confronted her, and she is punishing him in her own way for calling her out.

No one needed to taint her thinking. It is just a case of her not getting her way and pouting like a three-year-old. She needs to grow up and start taking responsibility for her actions. She needs her other relatives to stop facilitating her poor behavior, but that is their joint lesson.

Knowing instead of learning

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, last month I went to a clairvoyant just for fun, and to my surprise, this lady knew everything about me, my personality and things that could be in my destiny. She also said that I came earlier to Earth for a mission: to learn, but also to help institutions of charity or to adopt a child. What is my mission? Am I really an Indigo? Why do dowser have this power to see almost everything about others life? Is it bad to know our future? Can it impair our future somehow? ~Layla, Brazil

ANSWER: There are very talented clairvoyants in this world. They pick up on the energy around you, reading the projections emanating from your unconscious. They are also astute at reading body language and inferences from tiny things you might say. Any such reading is generally accurate for things in the past and an indication of the future only to the extent that they pick up on how your energy is directed at the time of the reading. Any activity counter to your thoughts of the moment will change the future.

Your mission is to find out who you are and how to use the powers and abilities available to you as a piece of Source energy. Go through life living in the moment, not feeling guilty for what you have done in the past or spending time on expecting specific things for the future. Open to all possibilities and feel what “draws” you through life – that is your purpose.

You had many “missions” – we call them life lessons – planned when you came to Earth. You have had many previous lives so your ideas ran all over the spectrum of potentials. The reality is that you are here for your soul to learn, and you can do that by doing whatever appeals to you. You could not come down “early” because you needed to be in a specific family, time, and place to fulfill your desires.

There are many definitions of Indigo, and it has about as much influence on your life as saying that you are Brazilian or Portuguese. It is the way many classify things; we choose to not rate, grade, or judge.

Dowsers allow themselves to “open” to the energy of the universe. They are using the same universal energy that healers use in helping others balance their bodies to remove or heal ailments. Some are born ready to sense these things, and others work to train themselves to be sensitive to energy.

It is bad to know what someone else detected as the direction you are proceeding only if you believe you have no choice but to go in that direction. Remember, you always have freedom of choice.