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Balancing 3rd & 4th dimensions

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been putting a lot of energy recently into mastering my own state of being instead of allowing circumstances to dictate my happiness. I’ve been trying to transcend judgment and duality. I get very excited at the idea of quitting my job to put all my time into creating art I love and make a living sharing what I love through craft fairs and other venues. I’m in charge of my life. I know you can’t tell me what to do. But I find it hard balancing the responsibilities of this life with following feelings of excitement. What if following excitement does not yet make financial sense? I want to quit and trust that all will work out if I follow what resonates, but I don’t want to be financially foolish or disrespectful of the financial arrangements I have made with my wife to be financially responsible. ~Christopher, United States

ANSWER: We have several comments about your statements. Sometimes circumstances do dictate your choices because you draw to your life the things you need to experience. You are correct that you have the ability to manifest that which you desire, and the more aware you are of your abilities, the easier it becomes.

Enlightenment, or complete awareness of your essence powers, comes once you rid your life of negativity via the end of the dependence on judgment from society’s ego. Evaluating the remaining lessons by determining if they resonate with you allows you to live in positive, unconditional love.

Once souls have completed the majority of the lessons they came to learn, the search for a passion starts directing their life. You have identified your passion and see that it “draws” you through life in a state of love and happiness. You have also chosen to assume responsibilities for others via a family. There can be a mixture of the two.

Start by continuing to create your art. Spend some weekends getting known at local art fairs and seasonal affairs. There will be a time when your art will take care of all of your needs, but it is not here now. Involve your family in your art; they can give you ideas of what appeals to them and their friends, and help you approach potential customers.

Visualize a time when your art will give you the financial return you need. At the same time, evaluate if you need as much financial income as you have become used to. You may see that it is easier to transition than you thought.

Fighting lessons and expectations

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’m feeling a roller coaster of emotions, trying to listen to my heart, trying to be correct in my feelings, correct with people, laws, and everything in this world. Sometimes looks like people are testing me all the time. I know I have an anger inside of me that I’m fighting to keep under control, but sometimes I cannot. When I explode the feeling is not good, the pain is instant in my heart but sometimes I cannot stop the train. I’m feeling completely lost, looking for a light, a help from my spirits guides, but I’m awaiting a voice, that I cannot hear, not as a “human voice”. What should I do in order to listen my spirit guides, control this feeling inside me, and how to know if I’m in the right way of 5th dimension with this internal battle inside me? ~Michelly, Brazil

ANSWER: You are trying to serve two masters at once – yourself and society. You do not have to satisfy or please anyone besides yourself. You are not living this life for someone else. Your spiritual self, the part of you that is having this human journey, is the only thing you need to listen to in order to grow toward awareness of self.

The anger that is inside you is one of the lessons you chose to experience in this life. The feelings that come with your explosions are there to let you know that, in order to progress, you must learn why the anger is there and how to deflate it.

You can halt the train by choosing to do so. You have control of your own actions. When you feel yourself getting angry, stop what you are doing and ask yourself why you are getting angry. If you listen, your unconscious will tell you why it is so. Then you have the ability to make the choice to stop holding on to the ideas from which the anger arises.

Your guides are there to help you, but they cannot do the work for you. They will help you with the understanding, but you have to choose to change the way you think about things. A quiet, peaceful disposition is the key to being able to hear your guides. Take the time to do a calm meditation and ask for them to make contact.

Spirits do not always “talk” to those in human form. They may use signals, such as signs or calling your attention to something written. They may even give you a smell or a sound as you ask a question to indicate that you are on the right track. Have patience and keep asking.

Allowing another to drag you down

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I feel very indecisive. In the past, I worked to make progress with myself and lately I feel like I’m backtracking. I don’t know if this is something I’m imagining but I think it’s because of the negativity in my relationship with my girlfriend. I don’t know how to fix her insecurities. Could you tell me how to resolve this? I want to love her the way I did before. I want to make progress again. Also, just out of curiosity, what was our relationship in past lives? ~Db, Canada

ANSWER: Each soul has its own set of life lessons to be handled using freedom of choice. You have chosen to work on increasing your awareness of the universe and your spiritual side. Your girlfriend ignores anything that she cannot see and have everyone agree with. It is as if you have gone on to do post-graduate studies in life, and she is still working on understanding grammar school subjects.

You can try to explain to her what you have learned but she has to be open to hearing and understanding. She is not at this time. You can never make others do something unless they consent to the change within themselves.

You have several choices at this time. Consider that all your work has raised your vibration so that you are not as affected by negativity and can spend more time connected to unconditional love. Your girlfriend, like the majority of society, is drawn to ego judgment, which is imbued in negativity. This is the state you were at when you began the relationship, so you and she saw most situations in a similar light.

There are no right or wrong choices for a soul in a human experience. You may choose to continue to try to get her to raise her vibration. You may continue to live at her level, which will drag you down to her level – the backtracking that you are feeling. You may also find that in order for you to continue to grow into awareness, you should reduce the amount of time you spend in her presence. Or you may even see that finding someone more at your level of development will speed up your growth. The choice is yours.

This is the first life the two of you have spent together.