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Understanding the lesson

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, a few years ago, I had a profound experience where I just “knew” I was completely healed from my long-term illness. I was very grateful and thanked Spirit profusely. However, the healing did not manifest on a physical level. Could you please explain what actually happened in this experience? Why did I feel I was healed? What stopped it from manifesting? Will the physical healing actually happen? ~Angela, Australia

ANSWER: Souls who are having a human experience have many layers. They have mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as physical aspects to self. When dealing with a physical condition, which is part of a life lesson, you may have to heal or re-balance each of your layers. Your long-term illness was the outward indication of a lesson you had chosen. It affected all four layers of your existence.

On a spiritual level you understood the elements that constituted your lesson, and you accepted the teachings of self-awareness, manifestation, patience, and faith in self. This allowed you to rid the spiritual part of your existence from the effects of your illness. On the physical level you still have to work with the lessons of being dependent on others and being able to ask for assistance while turning negative thought into positive action.

Emotionally you have not recovered your balance from victimization to whole person. It has become a belief system with which you identify yourself and it hasn’t been released or rewritten as of yet. Mentally you don’t have full faith that a total transformation is able to occur. Doubts continue to creep into your life, and these hold a physical change at bay.

Exposure to some of the actions and reactions from the duration of your problems created a comfort zone of acceptability, and these must be explored and banished before such a drastic modification as you perceived in your meditative state can take place. Anything is possible.

Expectations defeat reality

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am 51 years old and never married. I have no children and never had a desire to have. I had some long relationships, always tumultuous, and never met a man who would take me. I spent my life in search of a love, a man that really stayed with me to walk together but so far that has not happened. I’m alone a few years and do not accept the possibility of spending the rest of my incarnation alone. I know that our happiness should not be linked to another person but I feel miserable without a companion. I really want one but love is taking very, very much to happen. Is being alone part of my destiny? Will I find someone in this life? ~CecíLia, Brasil

ANSWER: You are a very strong, controlling, somewhat selfish, and often manipulating individual. You have commanded to you what you want and have not found a compliant male. Your expectations of your needs come from the demands you envision and never take into consideration the other person. This has resulted in your history with men.

You start out a relationship displaying what you think the man wants and withholding what you demand from the affair. This has resulted in tumultuous outcomes and frequent changes in partner.

You must first identify your own definition of “love.” Start with asking if you truly love yourself. You can only love another to the extent that you love yourself. You can only share, and have another feel love, to the degree you accept yourself.

You have an intellectual understanding of this because you stated you are aware that love and happiness are not linked to the presence of another. Your misery and depression at being alone come partially from not having an audience to play to and control. Draw in a person who is open to the spiritual side of life. Give up your need to control and just start by discussing what you want out of life.

Being alone is not part of your destiny, but fulfilling your life lessons is. When you work through the issue of what love is, you will be able to share with another. Your success in finding a suitable mate is up to you and the amount of time you invest in finding love for yourself.

Living and trying to control dreams

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, you have already told me that he is not my twin flame but person who makes me believe. Where is in fact my twin flame now? On earth or somewhere else? I feel so much longing to be with him here. I have done so much to be useful and kind in this life. I long for mutual life with someone who is vibrationally compatible with me. My pain for him did not vanish, I texted him constantly, and after his wife intervened, he broke the contact completely in July. I need answers, I still love him, I am confused. Will he contact me with answers ever? Did he love me? The pain is still here. ~Eliya, Serbia

ANSWER: You became totally obsessed with the idea this man was your twin flame. You don’t even really know what that means but you think it is everything you need. As a result of your obsession you began to stalk this man telephonically to the extent you could have been arrested for harassment. You disrupted his life and did not honor him by allowing him to make choices; you were just demanding compliance with your desires. He has no plans of ever contacting you again. You may think that you love him, but he despises you for ruining his life.

If you wish to have a vibrationally compatible companion, you have to learn to share, not to set all the parameters yourself. The way you are proceeding right now, you would only draw to yourself an egotistical man who wants to make all the decisions. If you want a spiritual union you have to get rid of your judgment and go with the flow of the universe.

First you need to get out of the past, out of your imagined dreams. You are unable to draw another into your life as long as all you can think about is your interpretation of the past. Close the cover on that escapade. Begin to live in the now with no history to get stuck in. Outline what type of person you wish to share your life with, and make sure he is available and not committed to another.