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Automatic writing

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been confused over a thing that started happening after my little brother died. I get automatic writing, if I hold a pen over a paper. Conversations, stories, thoughts, even symbols, all sorts of messages from different sources but mainly my brother. My worry is, is it even real or I’m just going mad? How to keep my ego aside if it is real? How to establish my trust to myself and my pen and what to do exactly with this gift? I know I might be able to sort all this out myself, but asking you was a thought. ~Manta, Finland

ANSWER: Communication between the dimensions takes many forms. Some people get pictures; some get thoughts; others hear voices or have the message channeled through their bodies into a writing instrument and then formalized on paper. None of these methods can occur if the recipient isn’t allowing it to happen.

When your little brother went Home, you loved him so much that you wished to maintain contact. He also wanted to be able to give you advice. When you are relaxed, or in a semi-meditative state, he easily enters into your consciousness and uses your body. Most of the writings have been from him. They have come through from the personality you remember as your brother, but also from his spirit, which has had other lives as well and may appear to be some other individual.

Messages coming from spirit of one source or another are hard to validate with human scientific certainty. You must see what feelings these missives bring. Do they resonate with you? Do they feel like what the person you knew would say?

Real or not real? In whose reality? To you they may be very real, but to someone who did not know your brother, or who does not believe in life after death, they will be fantasy. Concern yourself only with how you identify with these words. And why would your ego become involved at all? Thousands of people can communicate with spirits – all can if they try and believe they will be able to.

Stop worrying about it. If it makes you uncomfortable, put it aside for a while. Or, you can let it happen whenever it starts and put the writings away to read at some other time and see how you feel about them then. A word of advice: As this process begins, put the intention out to the universe that you wish to receive messages only from beings of the light. Spirits will never make demands or tell you what to do; they will only offer advice.

You have a great opportunity to do a service for others by being a conduit for communication between spirits and beings still in body. See if this develops. You have no obligation to do anything. Just let life flow around you and see how you fit in.

Human emotions

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, why am I so sensitive? Why do I cry when I watch the TV and see how humans treat each other or cruelty to animals etc. Why is that I have so little trust in people? ~Amanda, Australia

ANSWER: You are speaking of emotional responses to stimuli. Sometimes there is a direct connection with the immediate trigger that brings on the tears or chills, and other times it is a similar but not identical stimulus. You are bringing to the surface life lessons that have not been dealt with completely in your past lives. These are warning signs that all is not right in your world and you need to work on clearing blockages.

When you cry because you watch or read about man’s inhumanity to man or animal, you are placing yourself in the position of the oppressed. You have been in numerous situations over your lifetimes where you did not stick up for yourself when being abused. You tolerated the abuse of others under your care without interfering. You are now crying for all the injustice you allowed or in which you played a part.

When this happens again, stop and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Going into the feelings will deal with your emotions and not just the ideas you have running through your thoughts. As you recognize the cause of your discomfort, you will be able to deal with it by releasing the hold it has on you. Do this by seeing it as a lesson that you now understand and do not have to repeat.

Start loving yourself for taking part in this wonderful learning experience. Your problem with trust is twofold. First, you have set too many expectations for the behavior of others and they never get fulfilled. Stop trying to control what others do. Second, you harbor the idea that everyone is always going to lie to you, disappoint you, and abandon you.

Use the principles of the law of attraction to bring the right energies to you. See yourself dealing only with people who are truthful. Reject all negative thoughts, replacing them with positive possibilities. Your world will change.

When can you call abuse enough?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I feel that the greatest lesson of my life is forgiveness. Since I was a child I’ve been forgiving the people who in some way have hurt me. First it was my mother, then my uncle, my brother, and now my husband. I’ve always forgiven and live in peace with them. With my husband however, despite of have forgiven him, I have an immense desire of leaving him and get away from his demanding/arrogant personality. With him, I have no will of my own. I feel that I should not allow this any more in my life. But, I am afraid that I still have something important to do with him. Am I right in leaving him and move forward with my life, learning to love and respect myself? Or should I stay by his side to make sure I’m doing everything exactly as I planned before I reincarnated? ~Mary, USA

ANSWER: People can only hurt you if you give them permission to do so. All these instances have had to do with lessons you wished to learn. When you forgive an incident between you and another who you feel has intentionally hurt you, the realization has come to you that it was a lesson and you no longer need to have the events repeating in your life. You find peace from the tests to which you no longer react.

Your husband is another case completely. He is not in your life just to have you learn about how another can impact your existence. He is there for you to find out about yourself and to learn how to analyze, discern, and deal with your own abilities.

You are a soul with incredible abilities, but you have not used any of them to fulfill your life. You have continued with the idea that those older, and/or to whom you feel you owe allegiance for one reason or another, have to be obeyed. This last lesson has to do with accepting yourself and claiming what is yours. You need to learn to honor yourself, love yourself, and stop being everyone’s punching bag.

The only thing you have left with your husband is to tell him you are not going to put up with his selfish, egotistical behavior any longer. You planned to discover yourself and your power – so get busy.