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Gluten, fats, nutrition and you

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am quite confused about all the contradictory information concerning nutrition. For instance, it seems inconsistent everything that is written about gluten a substance which seems to be harmful in many ways. Most people eat wheat products daily and are not having any significant problems. Is it really such a poison? The ongoing discussion about different fats and their harmfulness is also very tiring; nobody seems to know the answer. How do you know what is best for the human body? ~Ella, Finland

ANSWER: Your human body is, in many ways, very sensitive to its environment. The manner in which you utilize food depends on the genetic makeup of your cells and the substances with which you have come in contact that may have initiated a reaction similar to an allergy within your body. There is no common factor running through all of humanity when it comes to nutrition. What one person can eat will kill another.

Food is fuel to the physical body. Just as various types of engines within motor vehicles require different types and grades of gasoline or diesel fuel, dissimilar bodies can use or reject food provided for their nutritional needs. You have to find out what combination of foods powers your engine most efficiently.

If your family genes tolerate or thrive on cholesterol-laden products, you will be able to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day and fatty foods whenever you choose with no dangerous effect. If cholesterol is a family problem, eggs once a week can clog up your arteries and cause heart problems.

Gluten can be a problem for different reasons, mostly having to do with genetically altered grains. With the desire to increase crop yields and make plants more resistant to bugs and blight, scientists have altered the genes within the seeds. These alterations are like acid to some sensitive peoples’ systems, creating a reaction similar to that from ingesting a poison. Other people are not affected because a tolerance for change is built into their bodies.

The human body is a very complex assortment of systems, each with varying tolerances for outside interference. There is no one answer to your question. It is trial and error to see if someone is allergic to peanuts, shellfish, gluten, or any other food source.

Hauntings from past lives

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have extreme claustrophobia and the older I get the worse it becomes. I remember being told to go down into a cistern and they locked the door and I drowned in black water. I also remember being a cat rescuer and I died and they ate me and crawled all over my body – I don’t like cats today, I also have vague memories of being buried alive. I can’t ride on a plane anymore it’s so bad – can you help me to clear this? ~Marlene, US

ANSWER: All these memories are life lessons from various past lives. Their common factor is being in a tight place that resulted, directly or indirectly, in your death. They are haunting your current life because each contained life lessons that you didn’t understand or learn from, and you carry the negative energy into this life in an attempt to resolve them. The intensity is increasing with age because you are remembering more and more facts and re-inserting yourself into the events.

The lesson is not dealing with confinement, but understanding the accompanying factors that resulted in your confinement. In the cistern situation you were dealing with betrayal and being controlled by others. You were a high-spirited indentured servant who was always questioning authority. Other servants were tired of you getting all of them in trouble so they decided to dispose of you. They told the master that you had run away. You died with a sense of defiance and betrayal. You need to release the anger and forgive your murderers for protecting their own interests.

In the life with the cats you were mute and could never get your thoughts across to others. It was decided you were good only for taking care of the animals at a zoo. Hard times hit the area and money was short for food. When you went into the animal enclosure with insufficient food for the cats, they panicked and went for you. You died with a sense of frustration for having no voice, which equates to being controlled by others and not having any power. The lesson is to learn to take your power back, speak up, and have confidence in yourself.

You were buried alive when you ran away and hid from tormentors. They teased you because you had a harelip before the common surgery to correct it was perfected. This lesson is to accept yourself for the magnificent soul you have inside your body. The outer shell means nothing.

If you understand and work on these old lessons, you will no longer feel confined by things beyond your control. You will see planes and cars as means of transportation, and small places as simply that – small spaces.

Confusing love life

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I met a man last year, we only stay together for a little time because I was very worried with his angry behavior. He complained a lot, was rude with me sometimes, but in other hand he was very kind. I was worried too to bring him to my home and my family. I broke up with him, but I liked him and three months later He started to date a neighbor. It’s not the first time this kind of thing happens to me. I have some fears about relationships, please, help me. Who is this man? What’s wrong about me? What’s my lesson? All my life is stopped for a long time. ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: You are desperate to have a romantic relationship. In the beginning of all your connections with men, you let them treat you any way they want because you feel that is necessary to get them to stay around. You have an intense need to be needed. You do not love yourself or value yourself. The fact that someone can be nice to you ten percent of the time does not make for a good relationship. Demand a companion who shares and cares one hundred percent.

Your fear of relationship comes from being placed into a situation where you were someone’s toy, or even punching bag – all for the minimal amount of attention it brought to you. It is time to accept the fact that inside you are a beautiful soul deserving of love and care. The next step is to demand this before you allow another man into your life.

Create a series of affirmations of how you see your life developing in the near future. Affirm to yourself that you are the one in power over who comes into your life. Affirm that you deserve to be treated as the magnificent soul that you are. Affirm that you will not permit yourself to have any negative thoughts about allowing another to control you just to get a little romance. Take back your power and create a new you and a new world to play in.