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Home and here at the same time?

Monday, December 30th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, how can someone go back home to review their life and still appear on earth as a ghost or be there to talk to or comfort their loved ones? Aren’t they non feeling and separate once they enter the home realm – mostly concerned simply with reviewing their life on earth and choosing a new life to reincarnate? How can they do both at the same time? What if a soul has reincarnated then can they no longer show themselves on earth to their loved ones from their previous life? ~Shawna, USA

ANSWER: When a soul goes Home, it is instantly in a review process and has difficulty doing anything else such as contacting those on Earth. At the time of separation of soul from body, the soul may decide not to immediately return Home. It may want to stick around for a while to “settle scores” or feel it is not ready to leave everyone behind. It becomes discarnate for a while until it decides to move on.

Those who have made the trip many times, Home to Earth and back, do it very rapidly. There is no measure of time at Home so they may completely debrief and be ready to move on to visiting those back on Earth or choosing their next challenges in what seems like only minutes to humans. They cannot be in review and visiting Earth at the same time.

When a soul reincarnates, its full attention is focused on the consciousness of that new lifetime. Most souls spend some time at Home so they can check out and communicate with the souls with whom they shared the last lifetime.

There is always a piece of your soul left at Home. Your entire soul contains the memories of what your soul has participated in during all its lifetimes. During a dream state when your soul goes visiting, it may encounter that piece of your former relative’s soul and observe the material that is contained in its records.

The higher self, that part which is in the unconscious aspect of your body-embedded soul, may send thoughts to your unconscious as a way for you to feel and remember your time together.